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Bryan Lee – Katrina Was Her Name (2007)

Guys like Tab Benoit and Kenny Neal are testament that the blues are still alive and kickin’ in South Louisiana. But when it comes to making the blues come alive in the bayou country, those guys have their match in a sixty-two year old blind white guy from Wisconsin. That guy with the tall black hat, Wayfarers and gray chinRead More

Vital Information – Vitalization (2007)

From “Don’t Stop Believin’” to konnakul. What does that mean, you ask? Allow me to explain. Journey, a band mostly known for gargantuan stadium anthems from the late-seventies to the mid-eighties, had a secret weapon in their ranks. Those who didn’t take their toilet breaks during the individual solo segment of Journey concerts might have picked up on it though.

David Witham – Spinning The Circle (2007)

David Witham (r) with one of Nick’s unwitting interview victims. by Pico David Witham is one of those figures in jazz who is hardly a household name to the general public, shoot, even to the jazz public. But just behind the curtain, Witham has been a major contributor to the scene. A pianist who likes to dabble in the electronicRead More

Paul Motian Trio 2000 + 2: Live At The Village Vanguard, Vol. 1 (2007)

by S. Victor Aaron When you put the words “Paul Motian” and “Live At The Village Vanguard” together, most jazz fans can’t help but to think of of the time this legendary drummer played at that very venue one magical Sunday in June, 1961. But there were many other enchanted moments spent there by Motian, including a couple of datesRead More

Billy Bob Thornton – Beautiful Door (2007)

NICK DERISO: Even four solo records later, you keep expecting Billy Bob Thornton to do something wacky on his new release “Beautiful Door,” to be issued by Universal on July 24. See, in the movies, he’s Bad Santa. The Astronaut Farmer. That murderous dude in his Oscar-winning plot for “Sling Blade.” Seems Thornton was a musician first — opening backRead More

The Nels Cline Singers, Draw Breath (2007)

by S. Victor Aaron Now that Rolling Stone magazine has recently anointed him a “guitar god,” cutting edge guitarist Nels Cline has progressed far beyond his minor icon status of the 1990’s in the Los Angeles experimental music scene to become something of a known quantity among followers of progressive-minded electric guitarists like Bill Frisell, Marc Ribot, James “Blood” UlmerRead More

Art Pepper – Unreleased Art, Vol. II: The Last Concert May 30, 1982 (2007)

by S. Victor Aaron There’s often a certain poignancy inherent in the last recordings of great musicians, and last October we examined notable final recordings of such jazz legends such as Bill Evans, Clifford Brown and John Coltrane. In that article, Goin’ Home by alto saxophonist Art Pepper was cited as a notable, delightful coda to a career that sawRead More

Various Artists – Freeway Jam, To Beck And Back (2007)

by S. Victor Aaron Maybe Nick’s covered a couple of “various artists” albums on this blog, I don’t remember. But until now, I’ve stayed away from them. It’s hard to assess these kind of albums as a whole, when there’s so many styles and approaches coexisting on the same record. Usually these records have more the feel of a collectionRead More

Something Else! Interview: Emerging jazz star Sam Yahel

by S. Victor Aaron Whether it’s for gigging with Joshua Redman, opening for Steely Dan, sessioning with Norah Jones or forging a new approach to the jazz organ, Sam Yahel deserves your notice. Find out what sets Yahel apart from other Hammond B-3 players and get his insights on why his just-released CD ‘Truth And Beauty’ isn’t just for jazzRead More

John McLaughlin/ Jaco Pastorius/ Tony Williams – Trio Of Doom (2007)

by Pico A band made up of the godfather of fusion guitar, the undisputed greatest innovator of the electric bass guitar and the best drummer of them all is a fusion jazz dream. And for the very briefest of time, John McLaughlin, Jaco Pastorius and Tony Williams formed a power trio to top all power trios. One that Jaco coinedRead More