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Umphrey's McGee – Jimmy Stewart 2007 (2008)

 One of the major draws of Umphrey’s McGee is their ability to play on their toes in a live setting. The extended improv sections of songs provide opportunities for the band members to showcase not only their instrumental prowess, but their mastery of so many music forms, like prog-rock, jazz, pop, metal, reggae, funk…even country. Oftentimes these turn into whatRead More

The Homemade Jamz Blues Band – Pay Me No Mind (2008)

Ten years ago, Hanson caused a stir in the pop world by delivering catchy tunes that were self-performed and largely self-penned, by siblings who were still just kids. Today, the blues has its own version of Hanson, and the name of this family affair is The Homemade Jamz Blues Band. So how young are these kids? How about thirty-seven yearsRead More

Charles Lloyd Quartet – Rabo de Nube (2008)

For more than forty years, Charles Lloyd has been the small combo leader making distinctively impressionistic and soulful kind of small combo jazz. His tenor’s delicate, almost alto-like timbre is instantly recognizable from just a single note. His prolific periods of the late sixties and since the late eighties have produced consistently strong albums. Many stars have played in Lloyd’sRead More

Totem> – Solar Forge (2008)

I’ve got that itch again. It’s an itch that manifests itself whenever I listen to music with form, predictability and harmony for too long. Yes, folks, it’s time to cleanse the soul with some good, gut punching whack jazz, and Solar Forge by Totem> is the elixir. Totem> (yes, the “>” is part of the name) is a trio devotedRead More

El Madmo – El Madmo (2008)

The music of Norah Jones is the elephant in the living room here at Something Else! that we probably can’t ignore forever. Her brand of country-flavored jazz had given millions of people in our age demographic a reason to buy their first CD in years. Still, we’ve resisted chatting her up because while she’s undeniably a talented singer, piano playerRead More

Art Pepper – Unreleased Art, Vol III: The Croydon Concert May 14, 1981 (2008)

The story of Art Pepper’s remarkable emergence from the abyss of drug addiction and incarceration is one of the most uplifting stories among jazz greats, amongst stories that have more often ended tragically. His comeback was not only complete, but had even exceeded his earlier peak. For the last five years of his life, Pepper was arguably the finest altoRead More

Scrapomatic – Sidewalk Caesars (2008)

Last week Scrapomatic rolled out their third CD Sidewalk Caesars, and once again progenitors Mike Mattison and Paul Olsen are bringing the spirit to mid-twentieth century folk blues to the early twenty-first century. There’s not a shortage of acts out there bringing the roots music to a more contemporary audience, a trend I welcome, by the way. Swamp Cabbage andRead More

Quickies: Cassandra Wilson, Larry Vuckovich Trio, Peter Calandra

For this episode of Quickies, we stick mainly with the jazz genre with a couple of diversions to other styles found here and there. These new releases all start with traditional jazz, but our protagonists each put their own little twist on it. Our first entrant is a well-known quantity in jazz circles and I’ve even alluded to her onRead More

Dixon-Rhyne Project – Reinvention (2008)

Here’s a case of “old school meets new school.” Saxophonist Rob Dixon, who we earlier introduced as a key player in Derrick Gardner’s Jazz Prophets, is another Indianapolis-based jazz talent who’s been getting notice since the mid-nineties as an up and comer for both his playing and composing. Hammond B3 organ maestro Melvin Rhyne, on the other hand, has beenRead More

Arthur Brown – The Voice Of Love (2008)

From the God Of Hellfire to an Angel Of Love? That’s the one-hit wonder from 1968 who brought us that singularly psychedelic, bombastic classic “Fire.” Brown had been mostly out of the public focus since then, but one of rock’s most flashy and colorful characters never faded. Nah, he was merely obscured. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown neatly encapsulatedRead More