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Pat Metheny – What's It All About (2011)

If you were tasked with listing the influences of JazzGuitaristPatMetheny™, some good entries might be Four and More (Miles Davis), Ornette Coleman’s Something Else!!! (Sorry, couldn’t resist), and Smokin’ At The Half Note by the Wynton Kelly Trio with Wes Montgomery.

Their Ocean – Still Waters EP (2011)

Their Ocean, ambient then soulful, is one of those amalgams that sounds instantly recognizable, yet completely new. The Chicago-based psychedelic R&B/indie rock group has described itself as “a cross between Hall and Oates and Arcade Fire, if they were friends with the Soulquarians.” As funny as that sounds, it’s about right.

Half Notes: Monty Alexander – Harlem-Kingston Express: Live (2011)

Pretty much for the last twenty years, there have been two types of Monty Alexander records: one that features exuberant, evocative mainstream New York jazz and one that showcases Alexander’s unique Jamaican-styled jazz. Earlier this year, the Kingston piano great released the straight-up jazz trio live chronicles Uplift, a tremendous record that unsurprisingly shot up to the top of theRead More

Paul McCartney – McCartney; McCartney II (1970/1980; 2011 reissue)

These two Paul McCartney albums show a willingness to strip down what had become a varnished sound. But they haven’t aged in the same way.

Black Country Communion – Black Country Communion 2 (2011)

I can still remember a time when hard rock bands played music that had a lot of soul, meaning and depth. When the music meant more than the image. When listening to them lifted you up, not brought you down.

Mike McGuire – Beyond the Ark (2011)

Americana singer-songwriter Mike McGuire travels a land of heavy weather, echoing church bells, sad tales and long memories. But he never lets go of the one thing that binds us together: Faith, in ourselves, in our future paths, in our country. It’s something that adds a sustaining power to Beyond the Ark, even as the Louisville, Kentucky, resident deals withRead More

One Track Mind: James Cotton and Billy Branch, "Rocket 88" (2011)

Like an aging boxer making an heroic late-round stand, James “Superharp” Cotton brilliantly tangles on a timeless favorite from his 1960s tenure with Vanguard, giving fellow harp master Billy Branch all he can handle.

Half Notes: Nilson Matta and Roni Ben-Hur – Mojave (2011)

Israeli-born guitarist Roni Ben-Hur and Brazlian-born bassist Nilson Matta head a date with percussionist Café (another Brazilian) and American drummer Victor Lewis in tow, called Mojave. While the title might conjure up images of the American Southwest, pay closer attention to the native country of both the bass player and the percussionist, because it is the rich musical heritage ofRead More

One Track Mind: Tedeschi Trucks Band, "Midnight in Harlem" (2011)

“Midnight in Harlem” is the sweet-swaying centerpiece of an all-you-can-eat buffet of deep-fried delights called Revelator.

Something Else! sneak peek: Black Country Communion 2 (2011)

On Tuesday, the hard-rock supergroup Black Country Communion’s 2 drops, and you best believe it’s gonna get the SER Lowdown