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Brandon Seabrook – Die Trommel Fatale (2017)

Brandon Seabrook – Die Trommel Fatale (2017)

Always crazy like a fox, Brandon Seabrook might have again made radical art with ‘Die Trommel Fatale,’ but it’s art with plenty of purpose, vision and balls.

Stephen Haynes – Pomegranate (2015)

Stephen Haynes – Pomegranate (2015)

In the proud tradition of Bill Dixon, here’s a review of Stephen Haynes’ ‘Pomegranate’ with Joe Morris, Warren Smith, William Parker and Ben Stapp.

Andrew Barker, Paul Dunmall + Tim Dahl – Luddite (2014)

The impromptu nature of this collaboration among free-jazz aces Andrew Barker, Paul Dunmall and Tim Dahl makes ‘Luddite’ great.

Johnny DeBlase – Guided Motion (2014)

Johnny DeBlase – Guided Motion (2014)

Embracing technology in the making of music doesn’t guarantee good results, of course, but it always helps when time-honored principles and philosophies are also applied. And, of course, an open, creative mind. Johnny DeBlase held true to all of these things when crafting the darkly ambient ‘Guided Motion.’

Brandon Seabrook – Sylphid Vitalizers (2014)

It doesn’t matter if the experimental music is being rendered by electric guitar or banjo, Seabrook uses technology, virtuosity and a deviously fertile mind to blow the minds of anyone who comes across these recordings. ‘Sylphid Vitalizers’ expands the world of what is possible with a banjo. And guitar, too.

Haitian Rail – Solarists (2014)

‘Solarists’ immediately establishes Haitian Rail as a fearsome battery of inscrutable, noise with terrific give-and-take. And trombonist Dan Blacksberg’s presence assures that they hold up the jazz part of the experimental metal-jazz equation, losing none of their ferocity along the way.

Edward Ricart Quartet + Paul Dunmall – Chamaeleon (2013)

Whenever I encounter a band with nonconformist guitarist Edward Ricart in it — whether it’s Matta Gawa, Hyrrokkin or the Edward Ricart-Nick Millevoi Quartet — something exciting is going on.

TOTEM> – Voices of Grain (2013)

When outer fringe guitarist Bruce Eisenbeil got together with kindred spirits Tom Blancarte (upright bass) and Andrew Drury (drums) to form TOTEM>, they injected fresh concepts in the improvised music arena.

Hyrrokkin – Pristine Origin (2013)

The other-worldly experimental post hardcore outfit called Hyrrokkin finally delivers on a full length debut two years after the Astrionics EP came out.

Edward Ricart-Nick Millevoi Quartet – Haitian Rail (2013)

Edward Ricart and Nick Millevoi are guitarists who have staked their musical careers on the experimental fringes of metal and jazz