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One Track Mind: Boo Boo Davis, “The Rope” (2014)

The guys at the Dutch outfit Black and Tan Records had been known for bringing notice for overlooked American bluesmen such as James “Boo Boo” Davis, Big George Jackson and Harrison Kennedy. Lately, they’ve been going further by bringing their Delta blues into the 21st century.

On Second Thought: The Waistcoats – We Are The Doctors (2011)

This 2011 offering from Netherland’s Waistcoats was a full-on Who-influenced rock opera, at least for half of the album, giving an obvious nod Tommy. Flip the record over to the b-side, and it was a whole other deal, however.

Jan Luley – Blues Gumbo: Down in Pianorleans (2013)

Pianist Jan Luley has fashioned an album in Blues Gumbo: Down in Pianorleans with a lasting sense of place – of second-line parties, and swampy regret, and spicy passions – despite having studied piano not in the Big Easy but in Holland. No matter. Listen as Luley reanimates the classic stoicism of Jelly Roll Morton’s old-time rumination “Buddy Bolden Blues,”Read More

Pink Floyd, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Dr. John, the Byrds – The Dutch Woodstock (2013)

As a 17-band menu of bands gathered for the three-day Holland Pop Festival in June 1970 outside of Rotterdam, Bob Hite of Canned Heat summed things up perfectly: “I feel less uptight here than I ever have anywhere.”

Harmsen and Garces – 52 Min & 52 Sec (2012)

Saxophonist Rafael Garces and pianist Eric-Jan Harmsen, it seems, couldn’t be more different. In the case of their stellar new live jazz recording 52 Min & 52 Sec, that’s a good thing.

Half Notes: Talking Cows – Almost Human (2012)

The Dutch quartet Talking Cows never take themselves too seriously—see video below—but the non-nonsense modern jazz they make is no joke.

Half Notes: Benjamin Herman – Hypochristmastreefuzz Special Edition (2008)

by S. Victor Aaron The nattily-dressed alto-sax player from the Netherlands, Benjamin Herman, released Hypochristmastreefuzz in 2008, following up on his 2001 live album with the great Dutch avant garde composer Misha Mingelberg with a studio album of Mingelberg tunes. These sessions are released again in 2010, but supplemented with a second disc, a live set from the North SeaRead More