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Something Else! sneak peek: MoeTar, “Regression to the Mean” from Entropy of the Century (2014)

Does a song have to be repetitive and elementary to work? MoeTar says: No.

simakDialog – The 6th Story (2013)

The Indonesian fusion scene is one of the great under noticed modern music developments currently going on in the world.

Half Notes: The Mars Volta – Noctourniquet (2012)

I made it through the first song and a half before getting bored. Mars Volta’s last album was very strong, I thought, though it also abandoned the craziness that pretty much defined them in the past. That’s about all I can listen to now — maybe the first album and EP, once in a great while. Everything else, I justRead More

Transatlantic – More Never is Enough DVD (2011)

Turns out, Transatlantic is a modern-day prog-rock supergroup in the most complete sense of the word: That means bass pedal solos.

Half Notes: Random Touch – Tributary (2011)

Random Touch, perfectly named, is an accidental neo-prog music collective. Even better, they’ve issued a double album called Tributary, a 23-track, two-hour project, that — again, perfectly named — couldn’t be further from the mainstream. Comprised of found sounds and improvisational asides on whatever instrument is at hand, Random Touch has constructed something that recalls, at times, space music, andRead More