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Half Notes: Neil Haverstick – Stick Man: Electric Music for 19 and 34 Tone Guitars (2009)

by Mark Saleski To the neophyte, microtonal music can seem less than accessible. Yeah, tones show up that the western ear just isn’t used to. On Stick Man, Haverstick takes microtonality and uses it in many contexts, not just ‘jazz.’ This is important because I’ve heard albums that focus so much on the ‘theory’ that the result seems a littleRead More

Neil Haverstick – Fretless (2010)

Neil Haverstick – Fretless (2010)

by Mark Saleski If you have a few hours to spare, and are looking for some cheap entertainment, search for one of those “Best Guitarists” lists on the Internet. Oh dear, the comments will absolutely slay you with their hilarity. Just about everybody can find a way to be offended that their “Best” has been slighted in one way orRead More