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Naked Truth – Avian Thug (2016)

Naked Truth – Avian Thug (2016)

The progressive fusion supergroup Naked Truth had already gotten off to a nice start with their first two projects. Now with ‘Avian Thug’, they have have reached cruising altitude.

S. Victor Aaron’s Top Albums for 2012, Part 4 of 4: Fusion Jazz

<<< Part Three, Whack Jazz In the final piece of these exhaustive, four-part salutes to the top releases of 2012, the fusion jazz records are surveyed.

Naked Truth – Ouroboros (2012)

Naked Truth – Ouroboros (2012)

Just a little more than a year after Italian power bassist Lorenzo Feliciati introduced the Naked Truth fusion-prog supergroup to the world with Shizaru, they’re back with another simultaneously fierce and fragile effort, Ouroboros.

Lorenzo Feliciati – Frequent Flyer (2012)

As one of the more talked about fusion records of last year, Naked Truth’s Shizaru put four established maestros from jazz, rock and avant garde words in the same studio, resulting in an album that pulled in creative streams from all of these music worlds into a purposeful, distinctive and provocative body of work.

Cuong Vu – Leaps of Faith; Agogic; Shizaru (2011)

Cuong Vu is a Vietnamese-born, Seattle-raised trumpet player who can be considered a pretty damned impressive and forward thinking just by looking at the list of bandleaders who he impressed enough to have in their bands: