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'Who the f*ck is Rick Rubin?': Has the legendary producer lost his touch?

With a proposed album of covers with Crosby Stills and Nash now scuttled, never-ending delays with ZZ Top’s new project, and similar mishaps with Slipnot and Muse, the question becomes: Has Rick Rubin, once a sure-fire producer, lost his touch?

Half Notes: Muse – Black Holes And Revelations (2006)

by Tom Johnson One of the most completely self-indulgent, ridiculously over-the-top fun album I’ve heard that didn’t bear the name Queen. Maybe it doesn’t quite live up to or even near that massive throne, but that’s certainly what Muse is striving for: They’d forsaken their Radiohead fetish and grabbed their sceptors, and luckily it actually worked for once where soRead More

Muse – The Resistance (2009)

by Mark Saleski While driving home a while back, I switched on the radio and caught part of a BBC show called “The Strand.” Host Mark Coles and BBC Russian service correspondent Anya Dorodenko were going back and forth about the band Muse.