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Solomon Burke – Live at Montreux (2013)

Age and precipitous weight gain had, by this point, robbed Solomon Burke of his mobility — but, as this 2006 performance at Montreux illustrates, none of the passion and power that once made him the Boy Wonder Preacher

On Second Thought: Alanis Morissette – Live at Montreux (2013)

On Second Thought: Alanis Morissette – Live at Montreux (2013)

In 1995, she was trudging herself across a desert and screaming out an angst-ridden tune that was possibly about the dude from “Full House.” My teenaged-self went into overdrive at this Alanis Morissette

Miles Davis, with Quincy Jones and the Gil Evans Orchestra – Live at Montreux (2013)

You see Miles Davis’ age, you sense it, in his fingers. Otherwise remarkably well preserved on this date, just months before his death, the legendary trumpeter certainly looks the part — from the technicolor jacket to the red horn

Stray Cats – Live at Montreux (2012)

It figures, amidst the 1980s’ buttoned-down conservatism, that the ’50s would become talismanic — and that the Stray Cats would be such big hitmakers. Yet, a new Eagle Rock concert DVD makes it clear there’s still something to be learned from those rockabilly-loving post punks.

Santana – Greatest Hits: Live at Montreux DVD/Blu-ray (2012)

His sound is so crystalline, so special, that Carlos Santana remains recognizable with or without pictures.

Average White Band – Live at Montreux 1977 (2011)

Improperly named, the Average White Band was anything but. First off, one of the rhythm guys, at least by this point, wasn’t white. Second, and this is far more important, they funked it up with a vigor and style that would never be confused with average.

Canned Heat, featuring Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown – Live at Montreux 1973 (2011)

Canned Heat, the doomed boogie-blues revivalists, only made a lone appearance at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival. Yet they still managed some star-crossed magic.

Rockpile – Live at Montreux 1980 (2011)

Rockpile (maybe the first neoclassicist rockers?) opened the door for every throwback moment of the coming decade — not to mention new wave. Yet this late 1970s-era rockabillying power-pop supergroup came and went so quickly, they rarely get their due.

Movies: Wayne Shorter – Live at Montreux, 1996 (2008)

Movies: Wayne Shorter – Live at Montreux, 1996 (2008)

“Live at Montreux,” which focuses on tunes from Wayne Shorter’s then-new album “High Life,” might have been just another night in a lifetime of concert dates — if not for the former Miles Davis sideman’s still prodigious, almost hypnotic ability on the sax. That, and some bonus cuts from Montreux performances by Shorter in 1991-92, courtesy of Eagle Rock EntertainmentRead More

Miles Davis and Quincy Jones – Miles and Quincy: Live at Montreux (1993)

NICK DERISO: Featuring the classic arrangements of seminal Davis mentor Gil Evans, “Montreux” includes long-awaited live runthroughs of key selections from their collaborations — including “Boplicity” from “Birth of the Cool” as well as several cuts from “Miles Ahead,” “Porgy and Bess” and “Sketches of Spain.” On “Miles and Quincy,” we find a bright, sometimes rip-roaring backing band conducted byRead More