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Josephine Foster – I’m A Dreamer (2013)

It is fair to say that Josephine Foster’s musical career has only varied slightly so far. Her songs are mostly based on poems by Emily Dickinson, children’s songs or traditional Spanish melodies.

On Second Thought: Bruce Springsteen – High Hopes (2014)

On Second Thought: Bruce Springsteen – High Hopes (2014)

Bruce Springsteen is one of the greatest storytellers in rock, whether taking on racism, Vietnam, 9/11 or the eternal victory of our Lord Jesus Christ. But he also remains a misunderstood presence.

James Vincent McMorrow – Post Tropical (2014)

James Vincent McMorrow, who hails from Dublin, Ireland, didn’t exactly rush back with another long player after dropping his acclaimed debut in 2010. But he didn’t fool with the recipe that made Early in the Morning work, either.

Mogwai – Rave Tapes (2014)

Already a post-rock institution, almost no one dares to criticize this Scottish band anymore. Mogwai could release a three-second throwaway and it would be praised as a masterpiece.

Pixies – EP2 (2014)

Pixies – EP2 (2014)

Five albums in five years were enough for the Pixies to become a legend. They were role models for Nirvana, but even David Bowie — the old master himself — praised them as the best band of the 1980s.

The Strypes – Snapshot (2013)

At first sight, these guys look like trendsetters, with Beatles-like costumes, mushroom-head hairstyles and, of course, the obligatory sunglasses. They also have prominent fans

On Second Thought: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Specter at the Feast (2013)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club emerged in 2013 with their long-awaited Specter at the Feast studio project, this group’s most realized album yet. The journey there, however, was simply epic.

Brendan Benson – You Were Right (2013)

Brendan Benson should have become a famous star like his colleague and friend Jack White a long time ago.

Pro-Pain – The Final Revolution (2013)

For Gary Meskil and his bandmates, the last few albums have been anything but convincing. You had to wonder what the hell had become of Pro-Pain

Teitur – Story Music (2013)

Teitur is the work of 36-year-old Faroese singer-songwriter Teitur Lassen, who returns with his sixth album Story Music — a very dark project, just right for winter evenings.