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Mike & The Ravens – No Place For Pretty (2009)

Mike & The Ravens – No Place For Pretty (2009)

by Pico You know, it’s funny how making a record can be so quickly habit-forming for some. Here we have the early sixties regional garage band Mike And the Ravens who make a proper debut album about 48 years after they had formed. That’s right, folks, as in a few years short of half a century. And as we notedRead More

Quickies: Mike & The Ravens, Pete Levin, Antonio Ciacca Quintet

This installment of “Quickies” starts with the rowdy but eventually settles on the refined. A rocker, followed by a groover, concluded with a swinger (no, not that kind of swinger). They’re all from guys you might not have heard of but in their own way have quietly made significant contributions to the music scene of their choosing. In each case,Read More