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Kendall Moore – Focus (2014)

This is how you do mainstream jazz, friends. ‘Focus’ is an album by jazz newcomer Kendall Moore, but this time, the rookie’s got it all together on the first try.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Miami Pop Festival (2013)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Miami Pop Festival (2013)

In the popular imagination, the 1960s festival scene in America went directly from Monterey Pop in 1967 to Woodstock in 1969 — but there was a too-often overlooked stop in between, and Jimi Hendrix was there, too.

Alfredo Triff – Miami Untitled (2013)

Violinist-composer Alfredo Triff, a Cuban emigre, offers a stirring song-cycle focusing on an ever-changing, ever-intriguing, often-dangerous place — bringing in all of the spices that make Miami so endlessly fascinating.

Leon Foster Thomas – Brand New Mischief (2012)

The story of Leon Foster Thomas (not to be confused with the late jazz vocalist Leon Thomas) starts on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and continues in Miami.