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'Something might pop its head': Glenn Hughes hints at reunion with ex-Deep Purple bandmate David Coverdale

Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale might be reuniting to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their joining the “Mark III-IV” versions of Deep Purple — and to pay tribute to the group’s fallen keyboardist, Jon Lord.

'Well, who’s the singer?': Journey guitarist Neal Schon's role in the Sammy Hagar era of Van Halen

Journey co-founder Neal Schon knew, from the first, that Eddie Van Halen was a special guitar talent. He’d also worked with Sammy Hagar on a project away from Journey — and that’s how Schon played a role in the second Van Halen era.

'It's a Kiss thing': Tommy Thayer stands by using Ace Frehley's makeup, guitar effects

Long-time Kiss fans know that Tommy Thayer not only takes the stage in ex-member Ace Frehley’s iconic makeup, he also shoots rockets out of his guitar — one of Ace’s signature moves. But Thayer says those things are part of the band’s legacy, and don’t belong to any one member.

'He never wants to stop': Daughter Kelly says Ozzy Osbourne lives for busy tour schedule

Is Ozzy Osbourne continuing on what seems like a never-ending tour because he can’t stay off the road — or because his controlling wife/manager pushes him to continue at this torrid pace? Their daughter says: The love of music.

'Completely self contained': Paul Stanley on why Kiss will never use outside writers again

There was a time in which outside writers made huge contributions to the music of Kiss, but Paul Stanley says that time is done — and the band’s forthcoming album Monster is more cohesive for it.

Movies: Ozzy Osbourne – Speak of the Devil (2012)

First off, the name of this DVD might be a little confusing. Though recorded on the same 1982 tour, this is not the visual companion to Ozzy’s album of the same name.

'No further surgeries are needed': New health scare for Eddie Van Halen, but it's not cancer

Eddie Van Halen’s health has forced his band to postpone a scheduled swing through Japan in November, but the good news is: It’s not a return of his cancer.

Sammy Hagar to be honored in California, as Chickenfoot prepares deluxe reissue of debut

Sammy Hagar and Chickenfoot will each find the spotlight again in the coming days. The band will see a deluxe re-release of its initial recording, while lead singer will be recognized with Sammy Hagar Day in Roseville, California.

Ian Gillan and Tony Iommi – WhoCares (2012)

This new two-disc set of rarities and unreleased tracks, built around a double-sided benefit single from Ian Gillan and Tony Iommi, traces a series of intriguing side trips traveled by Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.

'The right mix of old and new': Wolfgang Van Halen on building fresh songs from previous sounds

In the current edition of Guitar World magazine, Wolfgang Van Halen takes fans into the early sessions for what would become the band’s well-received 2012 comeback A Different Kind of Truth