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Hyrrokkin – Astrionics (EP, 2011)

Hyrrokkin, which is named after one of Saturn’s moons, is a band that didn’t exist nine months ago but came together quickly and late last summer, produced an EP on cassette and CDR’s as they went a-touring across across North America.

Matta Gawa – Tambora (2011)

In that alternate universe where indie rock is fringe music and post-hardcore improvised rock is mainstream, Matta Gawa is The Black Keys.

Matta Gawa – bA (2010)

Matta Gawa – bA (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron Washington, D.C.’s Matta Gawa’s self-described “cinematic chunks of post-hardcore improvised sound” is, however else you might describe it, standing apart from the main body of whack jazz. Sounds created from more than forty guitar pedals generating loops, sample, octave altering, various synthesized noise effects created and layered all at once and rounded out by some madRead More