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Almost Hits: Peter Gabriel, “Solsbury Hill” (1977)

Almost Hits: Peter Gabriel, “Solsbury Hill” (1977)

After Peter Gabriel’s exodus from Genesis, the band was scrambling to replace the lead singer that was essential in the group morphing into one of the top prog rock acts of the early ’70s.

Kenny Roby – Memories and Birds (2013)

I’m a sucker for the storyteller. Sure, the swinging hooks and catchy riffs are great, but for all the various attributes that make an artist or band stand out, the bard card is generally what lures me into month-long catalog benders.

Big fun, and even bigger stars: A handy guide to this spring’s American music festivals

With Austin’s South by Southwest Film and Musical festival less than a month away, the roses budding through an unseasonably mild winter aren’t the only things telling us that springtime is right around the corner.

Almost Hits: The Grateful Dead, “Truckin” (1970)

Almost Hits: The Grateful Dead, “Truckin” (1970)

In the early 1970s, a band taking their act to the road had a much more romantic feel to it. For most rock and roll bands, there wasn’t a bubble protecting them from the rest of the world.

Gimme Five: Our Christmas favorites include Nat King Cole, Vince Guaraldi … and Henry Rollins?!?

[youtube] There are as many Christmas music traditions as there are stockings hung with with care. For some, the process of awaiting ole St. Nick requires a classic soundtrack, filled with old favorites. For others, something newer makes sense.

Desert Island Discs: Christmas Songs Edition

Desert Island Discs: Christmas Songs Edition

Worried about being running aground in some tropic locale this Christmas season? Something Else! has you covered, with a new list of Yuletide favorites criss-crossing the usual stylistic landscape.

Desert Island Discs: Original Movie Soundtrack Edition

Make fun of the “Saturday Night Fever” all you want, but our group won’t be leaving for their doomed trek without this oft-dissed soundtrack.

Desert Island Discs: Greatest Hits Edition

For some bands, it’s all about the albums. For others, though, it’s all about the songs — and you’ll need a handful of best-of sets, too, for your fateful trip to this isolated desert isle.

Desert Island Discs: One Hit Wonder Edition

By this estimation, the decade of the One Hit Wonder was the 1970s, as our panel of potentially stranded passengers voted for 18 tracks from that era to take along on their doomed trip.

Desert Island Discs: 1960s Classic Rock Edition

Our voters for 1960s-era classic rock Desert Island Discs were of two minds: The band of the decade was clearly the Beatles, while the album vote went to the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds.