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Brian Haas and Matt Chamberlain – Frames (2013)

Last month when chatting up an advance, streamed track of keyboardist Brian Haas and drummer Matt Chamberlain’s upcoming collaboration Frames, I made kind of a critic’s equivalent of a movie trailer about the album itself

Exclusive stream: Brian Haas and Matt Chamberlain, “An Empty House” from Frames (2013)

The stream above premieres a choice track from the upcoming Frames LP (October 15, The Royal Potato Family) by Brian Haas and Matt Chamberlain.

Half Notes: Floratone – Floratone (2007)

A collaboration between jazz guitarist Bill Frisell and drummer Matt Chamberlain, it must have seemed pretty straight-forward upon first inspection

Bill Frisell, Matt Chamberlain, Lee Townsend and Tucker Martine – Floratone II (2012)

Ever since Bill Frisell broke away from his longtime label Nonesuch and signed up with Savoy Jazz a couple of years ago, we have been subjected to wave after wave of Frisell releases.

Bill Frisell, et. al. – Floratone (2007)

by S. Victor Aaron Bill Frisell is a guy I’ve been a huge fan of for about six or seven years, but the sheer volume, originality and wide range of his music has made it impossible for me to know where to begin when writing about him. There is not a guitarist of any stripe on the scene today whoRead More