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Preston Frazier’s Best Jazz of 2016: Marquis Hill, Dave Stryker, Manu Katche + others

Preston Frazier’s Best Jazz of 2016: Marquis Hill, Dave Stryker, Manu Katche + others

Preston Frazier’s Best Jazz of 2016 list crosses a striking number of musical boundaries from straight-ahead jazz to vocalists to fusion.


Manu Katché – Unstatic (2016)

‘Unstatic’ remains very much in keeping with the style of French rock-jazz drumming extraordinaire Manu Katché, a style that continues to discreetly evolve and stay very much engaging.

Manu Katché, “Pieces of Emotion” from Live In Concert (2015): One Track Mind

Studio or live, ECM or ACT record label, it’s that same, damned good Manu Katché music.

Peter Gabriel – Live in Athens 1987 (2013)

Peter Gabriel – Live in Athens 1987 (2013)

A long-awaited artifact, Live in Athens 1987 corrects the period-piece wrongs of Peter Gabriel’s original film from the So tour — eliminating the edited-in backstage footage that slowed 1990’s P.O.V.

S. Victor Aaron’s Top Albums for 2012, Part 4 of 4: Fusion Jazz

<<< Part Three, Whack Jazz In the final piece of these exhaustive, four-part salutes to the top releases of 2012, the fusion jazz records are surveyed.

Manu Katché – Manu Katché (2012)

Manu Katché – Manu Katché (2012)

The man better known as drummer to Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, Robbie Robertson, and Simple Minds, Manu Katché leads a double life as a restless, serious jazz musician and composer. “Restless” comes to mind on the eve of his fourth record for ECM, simply titled Manu Katché

Jan Garbarek – In Praise of Dreams (2004)

by Mark Saleski Immediately recognizable saxophone voices: Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane. To this list we must add Jan Garbarek.

Manu Katché – Neighbourhood (2006)

by Mark Saleski Ever stumble into one of those snotty Internet arguments tugging back & forth about the capabilities of musicians? Specifically, the old “Is it possible for player X (an expert in genre A) to cross over to the land of genre B?” “Well, of course he can.” “He’s a master!” “No he can’t.” “This music has nothing toRead More

Deep Cuts: Sting, "Island of Souls" (1991)

Deep Cuts: Sting, "Island of Souls" (1991)

“The Soul Cages,” a Sting album about boyhood grief, remains this strangely powerful if demanding narrative, one with textured song structures and densely emotional themes. Its triumph comes right away, though, on the opener “Island of Souls” — a compellingly dark, perfectly conceived tale of a riveter’s son whose dream of the open sea only grows more intense when heRead More

Manu Katché – Third Round (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron World class drummer Manu Katché continues to pursue a second musical career as a bandleader with his third ECM release (and fourth overall) on Third Round. His second ECM Playground was warmly greeted here when it first appeared three years ago, and his label debut was quite good, too, so we were eager to see ifRead More