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Lady Gaga – ARTPOP (2013)

I’d like to say that Lady Gaga (or is it Stefani Germanotta now?) is a very interesting person, making a bold attempt to fuse art with pop music, a resurrection of Pop Art…but I just don’t see it.

Read my lips!: The sing-along history of lip-syncing, from Soundies to Milli Vanilli to Beyoncé

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, Memorex ran a popular ad campaign for their blank cassette tapes, asking “is it live, or is it Memorex?” Memorex tapes may be long gone, but the question has taken on new significance.

New Music Monday: Birdy, Esperanza Spalding, B-52s, one more for Randy Rhoads

The week’s teetering stack of piping hot freshness in music is topped by Brad Mehldau, Esperanza Spalding and Lost in the Trees

Nile Rodgers on ‘Like a Virgin,’ ‘Rapper’s Delight,’ ‘Upside Down’ + others: Gimme Five

Nile Rodgers on ‘Like a Virgin,’ ‘Rapper’s Delight,’ ‘Upside Down’ + others: Gimme Five

The truth is, even if you never bought a record like “Le Freak,” Chic’s wall-to-wall late 1970s hit, Nile Rodgers was all over your radio dial anyway.

Guilty pleasures: Copping to Culture Club, Madonna — and, OK, much worse

I have a confession to make. The other morning, while munching on a bowl of hemp granola and slurping my first cuppa, I watched a Justin Timberlake video … and I really liked the song

Gimme Five: Bill Frisell talks John Lennon, Ron Carter … and Madonna?

On this special edition of Something Else! Reviews’ One Track Mind, we hand the reins over to jazz guitarist Bill Frisell, who is set to release a moving tribute album to John Lennon called All We Are Saying later this month.

One Track Mind: Bill Frisell "Live To Tell" (1992)

by Mark Saleski Bill Frisell has often been referred to as the mad scientist of the guitar. His good friend Gary Larson goes the idea one better, that Frisell has a team of mad scientists living inside of his brain. The notion is a funny one, because the stereotype of the wild-haired & wild-mannered man in the lab is aboutRead More