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Linda May Han Oh, “Western” from Walk Against Wind (2017): Something Else! premiere

Linda May Han Oh, “Western” from Walk Against Wind (2017): Something Else! premiere

“Western” is the highly syncopated track that closes out Linda May Han Oh’s ‘Walk Against Wind,’ but it’s by no means a coast to the finish line.

Art Hirahara, “With Two Ice Cubes” from Libations & Meditations (2015): Something Else! sneak peek

Art Hirahara leads Linda Oh and John Davis through a quick, two-minute jaunt of piano bop bliss.

Noah Baerman – Ripples (2014)

Noah Baerman plays piano, organ, slide guitar and sings a little. He leads a trio, a chamber octet, a duet, a quartet of singers, a two-sax/vibes quintet, and an assortment of combinations of these ensembles. He composes for every shade of jazz from greasy soul-jazz to Third Stream. And he does this all within one album.

Linda Oh – Sun Pictures (2013)

It’s been four years since the young lady bassist from Australia took on NYC and released a debut album with not only bass chops but a fully-form conception for her own style of jazz.

Pascal Le Boeuf – Pascal’s Triangle (2013)

When Pascal Le Boeuf set out to make a record with his young, dynamic trio Pascal’s Triangle, the intention was to produce an electronic-styled crossover jazz album, involving a layered recording process, programmed beats and the like.

Dave Douglas Quintet – Time Travel (2013)

Dave Douglas, the much-feted trumpeter who’s known to make such forward-looking albums such as The Tiny Bell Trio, Freak In, Strange Liberation and Moonshine, has lately made a tactical retreat to the basics.

Dave Douglas – Three Views: Greenleaf Portable Series, Vols. 1-3 (2011)

Dave Douglas is widely regarded as being elite among jazz trumpeters these days not just because of a polished technique, but a restlessness that drives him to try something new at least every couple of years

Le Boeuf Brothers – In Praise Of Shadows (2011)

The Le Boeuf Brothers, like many of the younger jazz musicians today, crave bashing up jazz of their formal training with the Bjork, Radiohead and Sufjan Stevens of their iPod playlists. And as I’ve come to realize, this often has great results. But these identical twins, Romy (reeds) and Pascal (piano, keyboards and occasional vocals) are determined to do evenRead More

Linda Oh – Entry (2009)

by S. Victor Aaron About six weeks ago we saluted some amazing young women who stand poised to make a lot of noise in the man’s world of jazz instrumentalists. One of those is releasing her debut album on this very day, a unique bass player who goes by the compact name of Linda Oh. Oh was born in MalaysiaRead More