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On Second Thought: Thurston Moore – Demolished Thoughts (2011)

On Second Thought: Thurston Moore – Demolished Thoughts (2011)

The advance publicity for the fourth official solo album by Sonic Youth member/author/art damaged polymath Thurston Moore offered a challenge: You may think you know where a Thurston record does or does not factor into your world

My Top unreviewed Jazz Records of 2012

When compiling my lists of best jazz records, broken up into 3 distinct areas of jazz, I used three criteria for inclusion on one of these lists: 1. Is it good enough? (duh) 2. Is it jazz? (duh) -and- 3. Have I already reviewed it in some form or another?

Can – The Lost Tapes (2012)

The concept sounds like a bit of a nightmare: an in-depth excursion into the discarded mastertapes of a band known for lengthy, sometimes mind-boggling sound journeys.

Half Notes: Neu – Neu! 75 (1975)

What to call this kinda music? Do a little research and you’ll see stuff like: Krautrock, cosmic punk, ambient, moody, art rock, minimalist, etc. Heck, when I originally popped this disc into my cdrom drive the CDMax selection dialog came up with three entries with musical genres of “misc”, “new age”, and “rock”. I guess there’s people out there asRead More