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Dan Blacksberg – Radiant Others (2017)

Dan Blacksberg – Radiant Others (2017)

Dan Blacksberg’s ‘Radiant Others’ is a fresh, nontraditional take on traditional melodies that happens to be Jewish in origin. You don’t need to be an ethnomusicologist to enjoy this one.

David Krakauer and Ancestral Groove – Checkpoint (2016)

David Krakauer and Ancestral Groove – Checkpoint (2016)

Starting perhaps around the time Ben Goldberg assembled his New Klezmer Trio and The Klezmatics was formed, the clarinet went from being a meek instrument associated with the traditional and archaic — like trad jazz and Polish weddings — to becoming

Exclusive stream: Zebrina with Ben Goldberg, “The Desert Speaks” from Hamidbar Medaber (2014)

This Miles-meets-Mosada alchemy offers Interesting new twists.

Koby Israelite – Blues From Elsewhere (2013)

“I don’t want to bore people to death,” declares Koby Israelite. “My music has always got some edge, and it needs to have a groove.”

One Track Mind Rewind: New Klezmer Trio, “Feedback Doina” (1995)

Next week, the progressively minded jazz clarinetist Ben Goldberg will treat us to not one but two new albums, each by nearly entirely different supporting musicians.

Half Notes: Aaron Novik – Secrets Of Secrets (2012)

Clarinetists don’t typically have a reputation of being adventurous (our own Mort Weiss notwithstanding), but it isn’t for the lack of such practitioners as Ben Goldberg and Chris Speed working hard to punch holes into those perceptions. Add Aaron Novik to that list of clarinet insurgents. Novik, who once studied under Greenberg, has likewise reached back to ancient Hebrew musicRead More

Half Notes: Ben Perowsky – Camp Songs (2003)

Even though I have been burned many times in the past, I still tend to take chances on projects on John Zorn’s Tzadik label. I tend to steer away from his pure-noise exploration, as I simply don’t have the appreciation for it that I wish I did, but I have, more often than not, found great joy in the musicRead More

Half Notes: Eugene Marlow's Heritage Ensemble – A Fresh Take (2011)

Eugene Marlow’s Heritage Ensemble’s follow-up to last year’s Celebrations CD is also its predecessor. Let me explain. Marlow’s first Heritage Ensemble record, Making The Music Our Own (2006) was Marlow’s first stab at making a record of modern, multicultural takes on old Hebraic (Jewish) music. Since that album was recorded, the personnel has changed and the arrangements evolved. Thus, concludedRead More

Fourth Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra – East Atlanta Passover Stomp (2009): Half Notes

Fourth Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra – East Atlanta Passover Stomp (2009): Half Notes

Out of Atlanta comes a large band of a very different kind: a ten-piece group that is built on the idea of combining afrobeat and klezmer music. Though they are more of a local outfit, they’ve gotten the attention and praise of musical tastemakers all over America and even across the pond. They descriptively call themselves the Fourth Ward Afro-KlezmerRead More

Half Notes: Eugene Marlow's Heritage Ensemble – Celebrations (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron So often in recent years we’ve heard jazz played in a traditional Jewish style, aka “Klezmer” jazz. Arranger/composer and keyboardist Eugene Marlow puts this idea in reverse: taking traditional Jewish songs and playing them in mainstream, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and even contemporary jazz styles. The second Heritage Ensemble CD (the first one came out in 2006) isRead More