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KJ Denhert – Album No. 9 (2010)

KJ Denhert – Album No. 9 (2010)

By Mark Saleski You look at the song listing and see “Alfie,” “Pennies From Heaven,” “Shadow Of Your Smile,” and…”Smoke On The Water“? What? Did I read that right? Yes, and singer-guitarist KJ Denhert is not foolin’ around. Well, except for when she is.Denhert refers to her music as “Urban Folk and Jazz,” which kind of makes sense if “urban”Read More

K.J. Denhert – Lucky 7 (2008)

by Pico One in a while, you come across a musician who so effectively cobbles together a wide range of styles so effortlessly you swear you’ve heard it somewhere before…but you can’t quite put a finger on it. New York City born and bred troubadour K.J. Denhert is one of those musicians. Everyone looks for reference points when presented withRead More