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The Rugbys – Hot Cargo (1969): Forgotten Series

The Rugbys – Hot Cargo (1969): Forgotten Series

The hard-rocking, unjustly overlooked Rugbys certainly had good ideas and a rich imagination, so there’s a lot of neat stuff going on here.

Mike McGuire – Kentucky Morning EP (2013)

Mike McGuire’s new six-song Americana EP Kentucky Morning takes the themes and atmospheres of 2011’s Beyond the Ark to a darker, more contemplative place.

Chris Knight – Little Victories (2012)

Chris Knight actually does what most of the Nashville songwriters think they’re doing. He connects with country’s perceived blue-collar audience. But real connection doesn’t come through lyrics about pickup trucks and dirt roads. It comes through truth

Fred's Country Fried Rock: Fifth on the Floor, “The Fall” (2010)

Fifth on the Floor’s sophomore album Dark and Bloody Ground is loaded with fantastic songs, including the Skynyrd-influenced rocker “Hell if I Know” and the haunting “Distant Memory Lane”

Mike McGuire – Beyond the Ark (2011)

Americana singer-songwriter Mike McGuire travels a land of heavy weather, echoing church bells, sad tales and long memories. But he never lets go of the one thing that binds us together: Faith, in ourselves, in our future paths, in our country. It’s something that adds a sustaining power to Beyond the Ark, even as the Louisville, Kentucky, resident deals withRead More