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Kenny Garrett, jazz saxophonist: Something Else! Interview

Kenny Garrett, jazz saxophonist: Something Else! Interview

Kenny Garrett on carrying the spirit of John Coltrane, and taking his audience on a journey.

Shows I’ll Never Forget: Kenny Garrett Quintet, October 11, 2013

At Ronnie Scott’s in London: Perhaps for Kenny Garrett and his quintet, it was just another night … just another gig. But for me, and I suspect for others in the audience at Ronnie Scott’s that night, it wasn’t.

Kenny Garrett – Pushing The World Away (2013)

As we celebrate the recent 80th birthday milestone of one of the great Miles saxophone foils, Miles’ last such foil continues to build on his own not-insignificant legacy.

S. Victor Aaron’s Half-Year List of Top Albums for 2012, Part 2 of 4: Modern/ Mainstream Jazz

Here we are only halfway done with 2012 and it’s already been a bangin’ year for modern and mainstream jazz, whether you prefer a celebration of the tradition or an expansion of the frontiers.

Mike Stern – All Over The Place (2012)

There might not be a more accurate title for a Mike Stern album than the one coming out next week.

Kenny Garrett – Seeds From The Underground (2012)

Kenny Garrett’s place in jazz history was secured long ago as the last in the line of one of the most prestigious clubs in all of jazz

Stanley Jordan – Friends (2011)

A sharper direction on this new release, not to mention an all-star backing cast, helps Stanley Jordon overcome many of the stereotypes that have dogged him since rising to fame in the early 1980s. Back then, Jordan was riding a wave of attention over his use of a eye-poppingly fast guitar string-tapping technique, but ultimately — save for a fewRead More

Forgotten series: Kenny Garrett – Standard Of Language (2003)

Interplay. Whether I’m taking in straight ahead, bebop-style jazz or more out-there stuff, it’s all about listening