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Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe – New Ammo (2014)

Karl Denson’s longtime outfit Tiny Universe has evolved a bit over the past fifteen or so years, but the basic mission has always been to make audiences move.

Something Else! sneak peek: Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, “My Baby,” ft. Nicki Bluhm (2013)

If this advance track (and the PR verbiage) are any indication Karl Denson took his Tiny Universe in a profoundly rock direction for New Ammo.

Robert Walter’s 20th Congress – Get Thy Bearings (2013)

Robert Walter has been going back and forth between his two main acid jazz projects the Greyboy Allstars and his 20th Congress since the 90s, but 2013 is the year when both worlds collided.

Robben Ford – Soul on Ten (2009)

It’s been a while since the jazz/soul-flavored blues guitarist and singer Robben Ford has last released a live album, and given that he’s one helluva performer, Soul on Ten was the exact right album he needed to put out right now. Since 1998’s The Authorized Bootleg, Ford had since moved on from his Blue Line blues power trio to recordRead More

Karl Denson – Lunar Orbit (2007)

by Pico Rare groove merchant Karl Denson has been around since serving as a sideman to Lenny Kravitz during Kravitz’ peak Let Love Grow/Are You Gonna Go My Way era. But since that career-enhancing stint, Denson focused his sax, flute and singing talents on the acid jazz scene that was burgeoning about a dozen years ago. He first made hisRead More

Stanton Moore – Flyin' The Koop (2002)

by S. Victor Aaron To kick off the Acid (jazz) Redux series, I’m gonna cheat and start with an album review I already wrote back in September of 2002. But since the artist in question is a good ol’ boy from Louisiana and the album in question is so danged bitchin’, I couldn’t think of a better way to startRead More

John Scofield – Überjam (2002)

Much as Neil Young was the elder godfather to the grunge bands of a decade ago, guitarist John Scofield now enjoys a similar stature among the numerous funk-jazz jam bands that have sprouted up in the wake of the emergence of Medeski, Martin and Wood in the mid-nineties. Many of these young guns found inspiration in Scofield’s funky offerings fromRead More