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Half Notes: Kent DuChaine and Johnny Shines, "Sweet Home Chicago" (1992)

by Derrick Lord I’ll never forget my first night at a “real bar” when I turned legal. There used to be this place called Daddy Rawshucks Oyster Bar, which was the typical cool joint so common then and so rare now. No corporate logo needed. I was legal anyway but my brother was not. No problem there: I bought, weRead More

Forgotten series: Shines and Lockwood – Johnny Shines and Robert Lockwood (1993)

by Nick DeRiso While the performances on “Johnny Shines and Robert Lockwood,” from Shreveport, Louisiana’s Paula Records, are first-rate, unfortunately the sound quality early on is spotty. Some of the source material was slightly damaged on the Shines sides, resulting in a couple of gurgly spots where the sound falls out completely. Sit tight, however, This eventually works out.