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Deep Beatles: “Doctor Robert” from Revolver (1966)

The Beatles recorded their share of mysterious tracks such as “I am the Walrus” or even the self-parody “Glass Onion.” Critics still analyze possible meanings of “Strawberry Fields Forever” or weird experiments like “What’s the New Mary Jane.”

Books: Photograph, by Ringo Starr (2013)

Books: Photograph, by Ringo Starr (2013)

Imagine looking through old photos with a family member, with that person reminiscing about people, places, and events with each turn of the album page. Now imagine Ringo Starr in place of that family member

‘Let’s see what happens’: Yoko Ono on presenting Double Fantasy during the Meltdown Festival

‘Let’s see what happens’: Yoko Ono on presenting Double Fantasy during the Meltdown Festival

Yoko Ono’s Meltdown Festival opened Friday, with a gala closing performance of her entire 1980 Double Fantasy collaboration with John Lennon planned for Sunday, June 23, 2013.

Deep Beatles: “Some Other Guy” (BBC, 1963)

Years ago, low-quality footage surfaced of the Beatles performing “Some Other Guy” at the Cavern Club on October 22, 1962. Filmed by Manchester-based Grenada Television, the brief clip captures the Beatles playing before a packed lunchtime crowd at the Cavern.

Deep Beatles: “Honey Don’t” (BBC, 1963)

For the next few columns, Deep Beatles shines a spotlight on their BBC performances. Before incessant screaming and the rigors of touring took their toll, the Beatles had become one of the most polished live bands on the road.

One Track Mind: Julian Lennon with Steven Tyler, “Someday” (2013)

One Track Mind: Julian Lennon with Steven Tyler, “Someday” (2013)

If his last album seemed to be about coming to terms with John Lennon, both the good and bad of their often estranged relationship, Julian Lennon’s new single “Someday” is about rushing toward that shared legacy — and pulling it in close.

Deep Beatles: “Misery” from Please Please Me (1963)

Last week marked the 50th anniversary of a cultural revolution: the release of the Beatles’ Please Please Me. Their first effort, recorded over 12 hours on a single day, stands as one of the most impressive debuts in rock history.

Deep Beatles: “Hello Little Girl” (Decca audition, 1962)

Last week’s Deep Beatles took a closer look at the Beatles’ 1962 audition for Decca Records. Since manager Brian Epstein wanted to present Decca’s A&R department with a vivid picture of the Beatles’ live shows, he asked the band to perform covers

Deep Beatles: “I’ve Got A Feeling” from Let It Be (1970)

Volumes have been written on the Lennon/McCartney dynamic, after point/counterpoint exchanges graced “We Can Work It Out,” “Getting Better,” and “She’s Leaving Home.” One of their finest moments as a duo occurred during the troubled Get Back sessions.

Deep Beatles: “Run for Your Life” from Rubber Soul (1965)

[youtube] It’s the song everyone loves to hate, the one containing squirm-inducing lyrics that are at least politically incorrect, at most misogynistic.