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Deep Beatles: "The Word" (1965)

1965 proved to be a busy year for the Beatles. Beatlemania continued to take over the globe, the group maintained a whirlwind touring schedule, they shot the film Help!, and they recorded two albums.

Deep Beatles: "All I've Got to Do" (1963)

As any Beatles student knows, the four made no secret of their love for R&B. Before they conquered the world, they cut their teeth on tracks by Little Richard, Arthur Alexander, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

Gimme Five: All-time favorite posthumously released albums

The news that there could be as many as two more albums from Amy Winehouse, a year after her passing, got us to thinking about posthumous releases.

Deep Beatles: "Anytime At All" (1964)

BOOM!: Ringo Starr’s forceful drumbeat provides an abrupt, attention-grabbing introduction for “Any Time at All,” a Hard Day’s Night track that was never released as a single

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine (1968; 2012 reissue)

If you were looking for the Beatles, or some terrific new music, or even something other than flatly featureless cartoon caricatures of the Fab Four, then 1968′s Yellow Submarine was a crashing disappointment.

Yoko Ono reunites Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore for new benefit track

Yoko Ono has released “Early in the Morning,” a 14-minute collaboration with Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, as a benefit single.

Julian Lennon on Beatles-obsessed collectors: 'The whole thing is bizarre'

Growing up around the Beatles, young Julian Lennon saw firsthand how fame enveloped them. Still, he’s surprised at how far some people will go in 2012 as they pursue all things Fab.

On Second Thought: The Beatles – Abbey Road (1969)

This album was simultaneously the Beatles at their best, and the sound of a band disintegrating. Such is the power and magic of Abbey Road.

Gimme Five: Ringo Starr singing songs by the other Beatles

As with the decades-old hit solo album for which it’s named, Ringo Starr’s forthcoming Ringo 2012 includes an array of name guest stars. Unfortunately, unlike 1973′s Ringo, none of those friendly assists come from his fellow ex-Beatles.

Gimme Five: Songs where the Beatles, well, sucked

There is much about the Beatles that’s easy to love. The ornate pop, the long-haired peaceability, the arguments over which one’s your favorite. Still, lend them your ear and you’ll discover a few duds.