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Books: John Dufresne – Johnny Too Bad (2005)

In an interlocking story with a few shimmering asides, John Dufresne writes about everyday love in his book “Johnny Too Bad” with riveting color and emotion. Actually, a character named John writes about them, or tries to. Still, there are brilliant shards of light running through these pieces, which fit together as both yearnings for love and anxiety at havingRead More

Books: John Dufresne – Deep in the Shade of Paradise (2002)

Seems writing a tragi-comedy about small town eccentrics — some on the very brink of despair, all of them building powerful dreams inside their heads — comes easy for someone who spent time in Louisiana. It has for John Dufresne, the former professor at Northeast Louisiana University turned accomplished author. The Southern goofy-gothic “Deep in the Shade of Paradise” isRead More