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Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprop – Rev (2017)

Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprop – Rev (2017)

Myriad3 drummer Ernesto Cervini has been a force to be reckoned with on his own since his debut as a leader over a decade ago. He took

Omer Avital – New Song (2014)

Omer Avital’s ‘New Song’ is a finely crafted synthesis of Middle Eastern, Afro-Cuban and American soul-jazz that’s world music without being self-consciously so.

Joel Frahm Quartet – Live at Smalls (2011)

Tenor saxophonist Joel Frahm’s latest release Live at Smalls places the listener at the center of jazz innovation in New York City.

Omer Avital – Suite Of The East (2012)

Rockin’ the Jeff Lynne look especially with aviator sunglasses, Omer Avital might not be ready to lead ELO, but a half dozen years ago he led a stellar band

Brian Charette – Music for Organ Sextette (2012)

In 2010, bassist extraordinaire William Parker quietly released an album of recordings called Uncle Joe’s Spirit House that put a different spin on organ jazz.

Half Notes: Carol Morgan – Blue Glass Music (2011)

Last year’s Opening made me a believer in the trumpet wizardry of one Carol Morgan, who blazed through a set of originals and standards in a small combo without a piano. Her brand new follow-up Blue Glass Music follows the same formula, with perhaps a bit more emphasis on the standards. She also has a full time foil this timeRead More

Anzic Records Two-fer: Joel Frahm/Bruce Katz and Joe Martin

Anzic Records Two-fer: Joel Frahm/Bruce Katz and Joe Martin

by S. Victor Aaron Jazz label Anzic Records is only about four years old but has already made a real impact for young, talented New York-based musicians. Co-founded by Israeli-born clarinet/saxophone whiz Anat Cohen (who was profiled in my list of “Young Lionesses” up-and-coming female jazz stars), this record company has been the home for artists like Cohen and herRead More

Joel Frahm – We Used To Dance (2007)

by Pico Sometimes a record doesn’t smack you across the head on the first listen but at some point…maybe that 3rd or 4th listen…it hits you: “Damn! This is some well made, well played music!” That’s how it was with me for Joel Frahm’s new release, We Used To Dance. Frahm isn’t a guy who isn’t writing a new chapterRead More