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Jerry "Boogie" McCain (1930-2012): An Appreciation

Jerry “Boogie” McCain, the Alabama-born blues harmonica player, has died at age 81. He was best known for a double-sided 1960 hit, “She’s Tough”/”Steady” — the A-side of which was later redone by the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

One Track Mind: Lightnin' Hopkins,  "Back Door Friend" (1965)

One Track Mind: Lightnin' Hopkins, "Back Door Friend" (1965)

by Nick DeRiso A song about not giving up, even when you discover that your woman is cheating, then give her another chance, only to then find out she is still off with this other dude. And Sam “Lightnin’” Hopkins, as always, did it in just one take — with the money up front. That was the deal with thisRead More

One Track Mind: Frank Frost, "My Back Scratcher" (1965)

NICK DERISO: One of the first R&B hits for Shreveport-based Jewel-Paula Records founder Stan Lewis was by that juke-jointy legend Frank Frost. A take-off the Slim Harpo song “Baby Scratch My Back,” it was finally collected on CD as part of the rollicking “Jelly Roll Blues” in 1991 — and man, I’m starting to think I like “My Back Scratcher”Read More

Buddy Guy – Southern Blues (1957-63)

NICK DERISO: Guitarist Buddy Guy, a Baton Rouge-area native, has a presence hardly in need of defining. From bar-walking solos (thanks to that old 150-foot amp chord), to his clean, percussive style on a polka-dot guitar, Guy has since the 1960s cut a wide swath, image-wise. Yet “Southern Blues” illuminates the proto-Guy in the same way that the Muddy WatersRead More

Forgotten series: Shines and Lockwood – Johnny Shines and Robert Lockwood (1993)

by Nick DeRiso While the performances on “Johnny Shines and Robert Lockwood,” from Shreveport, Louisiana’s Paula Records, are first-rate, unfortunately the sound quality early on is spotty. Some of the source material was slightly damaged on the Shines sides, resulting in a couple of gurgly spots where the sound falls out completely. Sit tight, however, This eventually works out.

Forgotten series: Ike Turner – 1958-59 (1993)

by Nick DeRiso It’s been more than 50 years since Stan Lewis opened Stan’s Record Shop in downtown Shreveport. From his vantage point at the the top of Texas Avenue (I used to sneak down there after class), he would go on to create a once-lucrative business, then see the shop whither and go under (as vinyl died). But, allRead More