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Jellyfish – Radio Jellyfish (2013)

Jellyfish – Radio Jellyfish (2013)

Culled from that brief turn-of-the-1990s moment when unplugged performances were all the rage, these acoustic radio performances from Jellyfish offer fresh perspective on the band’s stirring, if all-too-brief, two-album run.

Jellyfish – Stack-a-Tracks (2012)

We Jellyfish fans will take whatever new music from the band we can get, even if by “new” that means “the same old music in a new form.” Record Store Day’s now annual Black Friday event this year included a limited edition of the bands two albums Bellybutton and Spilt Milk in instrumental form

One Track Mind: Jellyfish, “The Man I Used To Be” (1990)

One of the greatest rewards of parenting is when the love you invest in your child is appreciated and paid back. On this day that’s ostensibly about being thankful, I’m thankful that my child does love me back

Half Notes: Pugwash – Eleven Modern Antiquities (2008)

by Tom Johnson Leaving aside the goofy name, Pugwash was that weird bastard child we music writers like to talk about — you know, the “this meets that”: They sounded like latter day XTC meets Jellyfish. In one album, in addition to Pugwash’s own Thomas Walsh, we find friends from the sadly now defunct XTC, Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory,Read More

Jellyfish – Spilt Milk (1993)

Jellyfish – Spilt Milk (1993)

The rock landscape is littered with immensely talented bands who, for some reason or another, never got off the ground. And I’ll bet virtually no one has heard of about 98% of them. The remaining 2% are those whose talent wasn’t recognized until it was too late, or the band suffered a tragedy that brought the group to an untimelyRead More