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Half Notes: Danny Fox Trio – The One Constant (2011)

Growing up in Manhattan down the street from famed bassist Bob Crnashaw gave pianist Danny Fox a rich education in jazz that the great music conservatories in the Northeast just can’t quite match. But Fox’s deep interest in classical music shaped his conception of jazz as well and both of those backgrounds come to the fore in his trio’s debut’sRead More

Best of November 2011: Reader picks include Jethro Tull, Paul Motian and Rush

Here’s a look back at the Top 10 stories from last month on, based on page views from our readers.

Pat Martino – Undeniable (2011)

Pat Martino, along with George Benson, was the greatest jazz guitarist to spring from those righteous sounding organ trios of the 60s, and like Benson, Martino is still playing at a very, very high level.

Forgotten series: El-P – High Water (2004)

High Water begins in a suspicious manner — not for a jazz album, necessarily, but for a jazz album issued via the Blue Series imprint of Thirsty Ear

Half Notes: Benji Kaplan – Meditações no Violão (2011)

The best time to listen to Benji Kaplan’s Meditações no Violão is on a quiet, Sunday morning as I’m doing now. An album of self-penned songs inspired by the Brazilian form he loved from childhood and studied intensely both at Brazil and his native NYC, the title is Portuguese for meditations on the guitar, a title that befits this soloRead More

Half Notes: Evan Cobb – Falling Up (2011)

Evan Cobb’s sleekly confident Falling Up, set for release on Nov. 29, punches a gaping hole in the old saw about educators. You know the one that goes: “Those who can, do; those who can not, teach.” That’s perhaps best heard on “Eastern Bell Feel,” a hip update of the standard “Cherokee,” as this Nashville, Tenn.-based musician and educator leadsRead More

Craig Taborn – Junk Magic (2004)

With Junk Magic, Craig Taborn issued another slab of envelope-pushing jazz — carrying on with the forward-looking theme of the Blue Series.

Pat Martino – Remember: A Tribute to Wes Montgomery (2006)

Here are a couple of stories. One is amazing and funny. The other is just amazing.

Ramsey Lewis, jazz legend: Something Else! Interview

Ramsey Lewis, jazz legend: Something Else! Interview

Ramsey Lewis discusses his signature hit “The ‘In’ Crowd,” and a breakthrough collaborative moment with Earth Wind and Fire.

Dave Douglas – Three Views: Greenleaf Portable Series, Vols. 1-3 (2011)

Dave Douglas is widely regarded as being elite among jazz trumpeters these days not just because of a polished technique, but a restlessness that drives him to try something new at least every couple of years