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Eagles, Herbie Hancock, Tom Petty, Levon Helm slated for 2012 New Orleans Jazz Fest

The Eagles and Tom Petty play the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival for the first time, as 2012’s lineup is announced for the sprawling outdoor music event featuring rock, jazz, Americana, gospel, rhythm and blues, Cajun and zydeco.

Tony Bennett – The Classic Christmas Album (2011)

Tony Bennett’s warm, inviting delivery would seem perfectly suited to seasonal music — and it is.

Half Notes: Pierre Dorge Quartet – Ballad Round The Left Corner (2010)

This was a near-total crapshoot. I’ve never heard of guitarist Pierre Dorge, but the names Billy Hart (drums) and John Tchicai (soprano and alto sax) were familiar. What I ended up with was something that is mostly straight-ahead jazz, with a fair bit of angularity. Dorge’s playing goes from the ethereal to way out there. He has a Jim Hall-typeRead More

Noah Kaplan Quartet – Descendants (2011)

The title for the Noah Kaplan Quartet’s debut album makes all the sense in the world when you look up the word “descendant” in the dictionary. There, you’ll find one of the definitions read “deriving or descending from an ancestor.”

Half Notes: Ornette Coleman – Twins (1971)

If you’ve ever been interested in Ornette’s Free Jazz, but thought that it might be “too much,” then this album might be worth a listen. The first track, “First Take”, is literally a shorter version (17 minutes) of the Coleman classic. The double quartet lineup is impressive, too: Don Cherry, Scott LaFaro, Billy Higgins, Eric Dolphy, Freddie Hubbard, Charlie HadenRead More

Half Notes: Axel's Axiom – Uncommon Sense (2011)

The German-born, NYC-based, Berklee honors grad pianist Axel Schwintzer thrives on versatility, and the multi-national makeup of his band reflects that.

Pleased to Meet You!: Our Favorite Indie Acts from 2011

What better time of the year is there for a list like this? After all, discovering each one of these up-and-coming standouts was like finding a Christmas-morning surprise under the tree.

Half Notes: Dead Cat Bounce – Chance Episodes (2011)

Matt Steckler’s Dead Count Bounce is a band that within the parameters of traditional jazz seeks new musical directions

Guilty pleasures: Michael Bublé – Come Fly With Me (2004)

Diana Krall … Harry Connick Jr. … Josh Groban … Norah Jones … Michael Bublé. What to make of young, attractive musicians who seem rooted in the past?

On Second Thought: Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 – Fool On The Hill (1968)

Like a Wayback Machine, certain sights, sounds, smells and tastes transports us to certain times and places in our lives.