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The Bad Plus – These Are The Vistas (2003)

The surface comparisons were nearly impossible to ignore and, I have to admit, I immediately associated the Bad Plus to Medeski Martin and Wood.

Bill Frisell – Go West: Music for the films of Buster Keaton (2009)

OK, so I tried the Pandora Radio thing again. After the first tune from my Marc Ribot channel, an excellent live version of his really screwy take on Jimi Hendrix’ “The Wind Cries Mary,” we ended up at a tune from Bill Frisell

Daniel Bennett Group – Peace and Stability Among Bears (2011)

Daniel Bennett is a saxophone, clarinet and flute player in Manhattan, but he’s not like any jazz horn player out of NYC. And the reason for that is because what he plays is just as much not jazz as it is jazz. Blending in heaping helpings of folk and some world fusion, Bennett leads a quartet that plays music muchRead More

Half Notes: Nat Janoff – Come Together Move Apart (2010)

Nat Janoff’s guitar sounds pretty good on a leisure listen; it’s downright revelatory on closer listen. His single line runs are so brisk, clean and vibrant, the notes feel like 3-D for the ears. Janoff took an unusual route to get that perfect tone and phrasing: he started on piano, then bass, and then finally was turned on to theRead More

The Lucien Dubuis Trio and Marc Ribot – Ultime Cosmos (2009)

Ultime Cosmos was not serious. At least, not serious in that We’re Wearing Nice Suits, We’re Going To Play Jazz kind of way. Heck, this wasn’t even jazz, not in spirit anyway.

Lena Prima – Since the Storm (2010)

Lena Prima centered this project with a pair of songs by her father, Louis Prima. But she didn’t settle for the simple goal of glowing tribute, either to this legendary New Orleans-born purveyor of post-war jump blues or to his era’s great American songbook.

Charlie Haden and Hank Jones – Come Sunday (2012)

It’s a given that show tunes and Tin Pan Alley songs have provided plenty of fodder for jazz interpretations, especially in the decades before there were enough quality standards written specifically for jazz to fill up a fake book.

Jimmy Owens – The Monk Project (2012)

I was struck, time and again, by the considered, almost slow-motion attention to detail here, as trumpeter Jimmy Owens and Co. tease out every blues-soaked nuance from the oft-heard music of Thelonious Monk.

Readers' Top 10 for 2011: Favorites included Jethro Tull, Transatlantic, Paul Motian

Time to let you have your say. We made a series of lists, checked them twice, then published our best-ofs. But what better way to end things than with the annual SER Readers’ Top 10? Here are your albums of the year

Half Notes: McCoy Tyner – Guitars (2008)

There are certain names that signify quality in a musical release, and there’s a bunch gathered right here: Backing former John Coltrane pianist Tyner, there’s bassist extraordinaire Ron Carter and drummer Jack DeJohnette, but along for the ride, and to make the title make sense, are guitarists Bill Frisell, Marc Ribot, Derek Trucks, John Scofield and banjo-god Bela Fleck. EachRead More