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Half Notes: The October Trio – New Dream (2012)

When you peel away all chordal instruments, the rhythm section gets exposed. That can be a delight or a disaster, but in the case of Toronto’s October Trio, it’s the former.

Groove55 – A la Carte (2012)

Groove55 sustains both interest and delight over the course of the terrific A la Carte through intelligent interplay and a deft ability to confound expectations. That starts with the musical symbiosis found within this Canadian band

Justin Walter – Stars (2012)

Trumpeter Justin Walter sensed that his latest album Stars was destined to be out of the ordinary. “I was very aware from the beginning that this was going to be a strange album,” he acknowledges, “but I also wanted it to be a serious album.”

Best of January 2012: Reader picks include Paul McCartney, Van Halen, Dion and plenty of prog rock

January brought in-depth talks with progressive rock legends Greg Lake and Steve Hackett, new blues from Dion and sweet standards from Paul McCartney.

For trumpeter Nicholas Payton, a three-month vow to stop using the term "jazz"

Trumpeter Nicholas Payton has announced a 90-day personal moratorium on using the word “jazz,” according to a new interview posted at “On March 7,” Payton says, “I’m definitely going to start using it again.”

Chick Corea/ Eddie Gomez/ Paul Motian – Further Explorations (2012)

It’s yet another tribute to the singular artistry of Bill Evans, but this one has a special plot line: the drummer played for Evans in one era and the bassist played for him in another era.

Paul McCartney admits to pressure-filled moments during sessions for Kisses on the Bottom

Recording a collection of well-known standards for the forthcoming Kisses on the Bottom, despite its cheeky title, was something of a challenge for Paul McCartney.

Pete Robbins Transatlantic Quartet – Live In Basel (2012)

Both Pete Robbins’ band and music represents reaching across from one space to another. The aptly named Transatlantic Quartet consists of musicians on either side of the “pond,” starting with the Massachusetts saxophonist Robbins

New Music Monday: Jeff Lorber, Joe Louis Walker and new live stuff from Styx

Welcome back to our weekly rundown of notable upcoming music projects — both new and reissue.

Pierre Dorge Quartet – Ballad Round The Left Corner (1980)

This was a near-total crapshoot. I’ve never heard of guitarist Dorge, but the names Billy Hart (drums) and John Tchicai (soprano and alto sax) were familiar. This is mostly straight ahead jazz with a fair bit of angularity. Dorge’s playing goes from the ethereal to way out there. He has a Jim Hall-type tone, but even less electric. Gorgeously recorded,Read More