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S. Victor Aaron’s Top Unreviewed Records of 2014: Markus James, Deerhoof, Don Pullen

S. Victor Aaron’s Top Unreviewed Records of 2014: Markus James, Deerhoof, Don Pullen

Markus James, Deerhoof, Dave Liebman, Don Pullen and Arild Anderson are included in S. Victor Aaron’s Top Unreviewed Records of 2014.

Aerophonic Records Two-fer: The Rempis Percussion Quartet – Phalanx; and Wheelhouse – Boss of the Plains (2013)

Earlier this year Chicago saxophonist Dave Rempis launched his own record label Aerophonic to serve as the main home for his various projects and the first two of these recordings are hittin’ the streets

Rob Mazurek Octet – Skull Sessions (2013)

The genius of Rob Mazurek doesn’t necessarily lie in all the musical ideas he has; it’s the modular approach he takes to those ideas.

Josh Berman & His Gang – There Now (2012)

Josh Berman follows up a debut album that brilliantly collided the very old with the very new, mainly by expanding the harmonic range of his band. Old Idea, which cleverly retrofitted trad jazz with a healthy dose of Bill Dixon, announced to the world that Chicago is big enough for another forward-thinking cornetist (alongside electro-acoustic genius Rob Mazurek).

James Falzone & KLANG – brooklyn lines…chicago spaces (2012)

James Falzone is part of a young, resurgent cadre of clarinet players that also includes the likes of Ben Goldberg and Anat Cohen, determined to prove the continued vitality of this sometimes-forgotten wood instrument of jazz.

Darren Johnston's Gone To Chicago – The Big Lift (2011)

As I write this, the power fails at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park just prior to kickoff of the Niners/Steelers Monday night football game. But as I am also listening to Frisco-based trumpeter Darren Johnston, I’m hearing lights-out music.

Jason Adasiewicz's Sun Rooms – Spacer (2011)

One of the busiest players in Chicago’s jazz/improvised music scenes, the name of vibist and composer Jason Adasiewicz always seems to come up

Starlicker – Double Demon (2011)

I don’t know if it’s a trend of not, but lately I’ve noticed a lot more unconventional trios in jazz. By “unconventional” I mean without the bass player, and the usual premise I’ve heard for doing this is to allow more freedom. Trying out uncommon configurations is an interesting and often stimulating tactic used to open up the music andRead More

The Best of 2010, Part 5: Whack Jazz

The Best of 2010, Part 5: Whack Jazz

Each of the year’s four Satoko Fujii records made our Best Of 2010 List. by Pico With the more accessible types of jazz out of the way in Part 3 and Part 4, this Best of 2010 series concludes with the least accessible stuff, the experimental and avant garde stuff that I affectionately call whack jazz. With a whole twoRead More

From The Stacks: Pico's 2010 Stacks, Volume 6

From The Stacks: Pico's 2010 Stacks, Volume 6

by S. Victor Aaron Here we are at Volume 6, and while there’s still a few dozen CD’s that are worthy of mention sitting on my shelves or lying somewhere on the floor, this is likely going to be the last installment of “Pico’s 2010 Stacks.” A post-Thanksgiving version covering a few major 2010 jazz releases that we’ve missed hereRead More