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Pat Metheny, Gary Burton + Danny Gottlieb, “Hommage” (2015): One Track Mind

Pat Metheny, Gary Burton + Danny Gottlieb, “Hommage” (2015): One Track Mind

Pat Metheny aimed to construct a performance that could only spring from the fertile mind of his mentor Eberhard Weber. And, he succeeded.

Eberhard Weber – Résumé (2013)

Good improvisers can bolster a melodic development. The really great ones can make up a whole new one out of thin air.

Keith Jarrett/ Jan Garbarek/ Palle Danielsson/ Jon Christensen – Sleeper (2012)

With such a focus here on Keith Jarrett’s sublime Standards trio that has been going on for thirty years, now, along with some monumental solo piano records of the 1970s, it can almost be forgiven if we had overlooked Jarrett’s American Quartet

Jan Garbarek – Dansere ECM Box Set (2012)

With the possible exception of his one-time employer Keith Jarrett, there’s no other musician who epitomizes ECM Records more than the saxophonist from Norway, Jan Garbarek.

Jan Garbarek – In Praise of Dreams (2004)

by Mark Saleski Immediately recognizable saxophone voices: Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane. To this list we must add Jan Garbarek.

The Friday Morning Listen: Garbarek/ Winehouse – Esoteric Circle/Back to Black (1969/2006)

94 people in Oslo, Norway, 1 young woman in London, England, and one elderly lady in Manchester, New Hampshire.