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Something Else! sneak peek: Rotem Sivan Trio, “Sefi’s Blues” (2014)

Played with grace, fire and the knowledge of how much of both to deliver.

Yonat – Daybreak EP (2013)

Bay Area singer/songwriter Yonat Mayer displays her considerable songwriting prowess on her self-released debut EP Daybreak.

Reut Regev’s R*Time – exploRing the vibe (2013)

There’s a lot of buzz around ace clarinetist Anat Cohen, but there’s another lady horn player from Israel who deserves a lot of attention, too. Reut Regev plays not reeds but brass, and her trombone knows no bounds in its spunk and personality;

Marbin – Last Chapter Of Dreaming (2013)

Marbin is presumably a hybrid of the last names of founders Danny Markovitch (saxophones) and Dani Rabin (guitar). The music of their latest album, Last Chapter Of Dreaming, is also a hybrid, but a hybrid that’s a little bit harder to describe. Nominally it’s jazz-rock, with dashes of klezmer, Spanish, new age, and prog-rock.

Yotam, with Roy Hargrove, Claudio Roditi and Paquito D'Rivera – Brasil (2011)

A lesser talent than Israeli guitarist-composer Yotam might have gotten lost in this project.

Half Notes: Nilson Matta and Roni Ben-Hur – Mojave (2011)

Israeli-born guitarist Roni Ben-Hur and Brazlian-born bassist Nilson Matta head a date with percussionist Café (another Brazilian) and American drummer Victor Lewis in tow, called Mojave. While the title might conjure up images of the American Southwest, pay closer attention to the native country of both the bass player and the percussionist, because it is the rich musical heritage ofRead More

Shauli Einav – Opus One (2011)

Shauli Einav – Opus One (2011)

by S. Victor Aaron The steady stream of highly talented young jazz musicians continue to flow from Israel to New York. We’ve gone from Avishai Cohen to, uh, Avishai Cohen and everyone in between, like Amos Hoffman and Oz Noy. Earlier this week, we officially welcomed another Israeli musician into the fold as leading recording artists with the first widelyRead More

Half Notes: Albert Beger Electroacoustic Band – Peacemaker (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron Avant garde specialist Albert Beger has long been known commodity in his native Israel but not so much in America, despite having recorded with William Parker and Hamid Drake on a couple of records. Beger seeks to change that with what he considers one of his best recordings to date, Peacemaker. As the word after hisRead More

Half Notes: Rafi Malkiel – Water (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron A record that truly lives up to its title, composer, arranger and horn player Rafi Malkiel creates a stew of orchestral klezmer jazz, Latin jazz, classical, and European folk music that is themed around H2O. Throughout every cut, water can be heard as a percussion instrument, being poured, splashed and rained. Malkiel even invented an “aquaphonium,”Read More

Nadav Remez – So Far (2011)

A young Israeli just beginning to make his imprint on New York’s competitive jazz scene, guitarist and composer Nadav Remez is a grad of both Berklee and the New England Conservatory of Music. With the help of Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records, he issued his first album, a powerful calling card called So Far. Backed by a quintet that includes fellowRead More