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Isis – Temporal (2012)

It doesn’t really matter what Isis is defined as anymore. The band called it quits in 2010 after the release of a final studio album, the remarkable Wavering Radiant, and has ridden off into the proverbial Boston sunset.

On Second Thought: Isis – Oceanic (2004)

Some days, it’s a song; some days, it’s an entire album. There’s been more “album” days than “song” days lately, possibly because much of the stuff I tend to listen to doesn’t work well as single tracks.

Isis – In The Absence Of Truth (2006)

by Tom Johnson I like to think of Isis as the band that Tool wishes it could be. Call me jaded, but by this time, Tool had become entangled in plots created to baffle and obfuscate rather than intrigue and draw listeners in, being what they think is clever but what really winds up being just tiring and boring afterRead More