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The Friday Morning Listen: Henryk Górecki – Symphony No. 3 (1992)

So there was this study which determined that there is a small fraction of the populace that derives no emotion from listening to music. The condition is called “anhedonia” and about five percent of the population is affected. For these people, music does not make them happy, they have no urge to tap their toe or sway to the music.Read More

Henryk Górecki: 1933-2010

Henryk Górecki: 1933-2010

by Mark Saleski I don’t have the language to properly describe most pieces of classical music, so you will rarely (if ever) see me employ words such as “sonata,” “fortissimo,” and “canon.” Besides, with this week’s passing of Polish composer Henryk Górecki, many megabytes (and ink!) have been spilled with the various re-visitations of the technicalities of his iconic compositionRead More