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The Friday Morning Listen: Rush – Clockwork Angels (2012)

Hmmm…the last time I wrote about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was back in 2010, when good ‘ole Tom Waits was on the list of potential inductees. I’m not sure how I missed an entire year.

Heart – Fanatic (2012)

Heart – Fanatic (2012)

There’s a deeply personal feel to this new album, and a grinding loudness. That incompatible juxtaposition can make for a difficult entry into Heart’s forthcoming album Fanatic.

'The best thing I ever heard Eddie Van Halen play': After rebuffing his advances, Heart's Nancy Wilson was given a song

When Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart crossed paths with Van Halen in 1979, the brothers Eddie and Alex were at the height of their wild-and-crazy days. Nancy, in Heart’s just-released memoir, says the pair even propositioned her and her sister.

'Oh God, I have no idea': Ann Wilson on why Heart isn't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Asked by The Examiner’s Justin Tedaldi to select a group that ought to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Ann Wilson quickly named Rush — though it was harder for her to determine just why her band Heart hasn’t been so honored, either.

Nancy Wilson on how Heart’s music changed in the 1980s: ‘It got a little shallow’

Over the years, Heart’s ’80s-era work has been criticized for its synthy feel and use of outside composers. That’s not what still bothers Nancy Wilson.

Heart announces new 10-song studio release Fanatic; check out the title track

Heart says Fanatic, its 14th studio album and second full-length studio project for Legacy, will arrive October 2.

Heart – Strange Euphoria (2012)

Heart – Strange Euphoria (2012)

Heart, like many legacy bands in the 1980s, struggled to marry its original sound with the synthesized style of the day. Strange Euphoria, a sweeping new compilation due June 5, 2012 from Epic-Legacy, charts that journey

First multi-label Heart boxed set announced; see complete tracklisting and artwork here

The first definitive career-spanning, multi-label boxed set retrospective chronicling the work of Heart will be issued this summer by Epic Records and Legacy Recordings. Personally curated by Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson, the Strange Euphoria anthology will include biggest hits and best-loved songs featured alongside deep catalog treasures, rarities, demos and live performances. This set of three compact discs andRead More

Top 5 bands not in Rock and Rock Hall of Fame include Kiss, Rush, Heart, Yes and Jethro Tull

A new list courtesy of argues that Kiss is the top act not already in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, followed by Rush, Heart, Yes and Jethro Tull. The rest of the Top 10 of eligible absentees includes Deep Purple, the Cure, Peter Gabriel, the Moody Blues and Chicago.

Forgotten series: The Heats – Smoke (1998)

Ah, here’s another great band that got away! Formed in 1978 in Seattle, Washington, the Heats certainly had everything working in their favor.