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One Track Mind: Gov’t Mule, “Captured” from Shout (2013)

One Track Mind: Gov’t Mule, “Captured” from Shout (2013)

Warren Haynes’ Gov’t Mule has hatched an interesting idea: Issuing a new double-album project with Disc 1 devoted to new songs, while the second disc features those same song interpreted with a series of big-name guests.

After years of fiery electric blues and Southern rock, Warren Hayes considers unplugging for next solo project

Warren Haynes has become known, through his associations with the Allman Brothers Band and Gov’t Mule, for playing uptempo, rollicking electric blues and Southern rock. His next solo project might be a little more low key.

Something Else! sneak peek: Gov't Mule, "Worried Down With The Blues" (2011)

What more perfect song to include in a benefit for the homeless than “Worried Down With The Blues”?

Quickies: A return to rock with four new releases

by Pico It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled… -Led Zeppelin What can I say, I’ve let a lot of release dates on the mainstream side go by without any mention. And so, it’s catch-up time. Three major acts, plus an act with a major cause. No jazz in sight, just the straight dope on righteous rockRead More

One Track Mind: Gov't Mule "Perfect Shelter" (2004)

by Pico Covering High And Mighty about a year and a half ago gave me a convenient excuse to pull out and listen to some of the prior Gov’t Mule CDs. Out of the one just prior to this one, Déjà Voodoo, came a tune that has lately been the perfect ear food for the testosterone-charged seventies kid in me.Read More

Various Artists – Freeway Jam, To Beck And Back (2007)

by S. Victor Aaron Maybe Nick’s covered a couple of “various artists” albums on this blog, I don’t remember. But until now, I’ve stayed away from them. It’s hard to assess these kind of albums as a whole, when there’s so many styles and approaches coexisting on the same record. Usually these records have more the feel of a collectionRead More

Gov't Mule – High And Mighty (2006)

by Pico Whoa, what’s this? A review on a hot-out-of-the-oven release of a rock record by a well known band…from this site? We’re supposed to stick with old records and/or out of the mainstream stuff, right? Hey, we like our rock ‘n’ roll too, and there’s even a few guys on today’s scene we follow. Especially guys like Gov’t Mule.Read More