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Forgotten series: 13th Floor Elevators, Bubble Puppy, others – Never Ever Land (2008)

Stationed in Houston, Texas, the independent label International Artists Records parented a plethora of prized platters between the years 1965 and 1970.

Forgotten series: The Ugly Ducklings – Somewhere Outside (1967)

Coming to be in 1965, the Ugly Ducklings from Toronto, Ontario, Canada held ground as one of the region’s most popular acts of the era. The band has actually remained quite active throughout the years, and are particularly worshiped by garage rock aficionados. Originally pressed on the Yorktown label in 1967, Somewhere Outside is firmly modeled on the bluesy beatRead More

Forgotten series: The Leaves – Hey Joe (1993)

Although folk singer and future Quicksilver Messenger Service vocalist Dino Valenti is said to have composed “Hey Joe,” it was actually copyrighted by Billy Roberts.

Forgotten series: The Movin’ Morfomen – Flashbacks! (1997)

Formed in 1965, the Movin’ Morfomen staged quite an impact throughout their home state of New Mexico. Based in Espanola, situated just north of Santa Fe, the band issued five singles before the decade drew to a close.

Rainy Day Saints – All These Strange Ghosts (2011)

Nabbing my vote as one of the finest contemporary bands to be had, Rainy Day Saints came barreling out of the gates with yet another electrifying disc.

Forgotten series: Naz Nomad & the Nightmares – Give Daddy the Knife Candy (1984)

When this album was initially released on the Ace label in 1984, a lot of people believed it was a long lost treasure by a long lost 1960s band.

Forgotten series: Ted Munda – The Enfields / Friends Of The Family (1993)

Both these bands hailed from Wilmington, Delaware and featured the enterprising handiwork of singer, songwriter and guitarist Ted Munda.

The Grip Weeds – Speed Of Live / Live Vibes (2012)

Formed in 1988, the Grip Weeds made a huge impact right from the start.

Forgotten series: Flower Power, Spontaneous Combustion, others – Beyond The Calico Wall (1993)

Here’s an invitation to journey beyond the calico wall, where the skies are paved with marshmallow love, yellow orange hangs on a string and the concept of hate and war melt like popsicles!

The Skeptics – The Complete Early Years, 1965-69 (2012)

Bartlesville, Oklahoma was where the Skeptics came from. Although the band failed to pierce the national charts, they ruled the regional circuit