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On Second Thought: Cheap Time – Exit Smiles (2013)

These aren’t garage acolytes, the kind who nail the details but miss the feel.

Unboxing Music: People featuring Mary Halvorson – 3xaWoman (2014)

Unboxing Music: People featuring Mary Halvorson – 3xaWoman (2014)

There wasn’t a moment’s hesitation after reading the name “Halvorson” in the promo email. Mary Halvorson is one of the jazz world’s most consistently interesting guitar players. So what’s this trio record all about?

On Second Thought: Hoodoo Gurus, Woggles – Vindicated!: Tribute to the Fleshtones (2007)

A promised new album from the Fleshtones called Wheel of Talent, due in January 2014, brought me back to this 24-tune tribute project.

Coke Weed – Back To Soft (2013)

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning and I’m standing in a foot of snow. It’s dark, cold, and windy, and while I try to fight my way through the blowing snow with an oversized barn shovel, I remember that I stood in this exact same spot a few short months ago…

Almost Hits: The Music Machine, “The People In Me” (1967)

Almost Hits: The Music Machine, “The People In Me” (1967)

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the Music Machine included lead singer and rhythm guitarist Sean Bonniwell, lead guitarist Mark Landon, bassist Keith Olsen, organist Doug Rhodes and drummer Ron Edgar.

Forgotten series: The Cynics – Spinning Wheel Motel (2011)

Not enough people heard the full-throttle contemporary garage music hurtled at you by these Pittsburgh legends, as the Cynics made a solid comeback a few years ago.

Forgotten series: Los Immediatos – Second Chance (2008)

Forgotten series: Los Immediatos – Second Chance (2008)

An obviously titled second album by the Toledo, Spain garage/psych band Los Immediatos, Second Chance was a pleasant album of nine originals and two covers.

One Track Mind: The Maharajas, “Black Box/B-Files” (2013)

The mighty Maharajas’ latest single “Black Box” (Chaputa Records), perhaps a teaser for their upcoming new album, is a winner. Up-tempo and rockin,’ “Black Box” to my ears bears a strong Fuzztones/Music Machine influence

Something Else! Interview: Bob Gonzalez and Don Baskin of the Syndicate of Sound

The Syndicate of Sound, a garage-rock band from San Jose, California, was best known for their No. 8 1966 hit “Little Girl.” They also charted with “Rumors” (No. 55 in 1966) and with “Brown Paper Bag” (No. 73 in 1970) before initially breaking up.

Forgotten series: Lyres – Lyres Lyres (1986; 2012 reissue)

Having wowed the garage rock squad with their first album, On Fyre, Lyres continued to deliver the goods here on their subsequent outing, which initially surfaced in 1986 on the Ace of Hearts label.