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Lorenzo Feliciati – Frequent Flyer (2012)

As one of the more talked about fusion records of last year, Naked Truth’s Shizaru put four established maestros from jazz, rock and avant garde words in the same studio, resulting in an album that pulled in creative streams from all of these music worlds into a purposeful, distinctive and provocative body of work.

Animation – Agemo (2012)

Bob Belden has been in the thick of major jazz recordings issued or reissued in the last quarter century, but his name has rarely been presented in large, bright fonts.

Will Bernard Trio – Outdoor Living (2012)

As one of the three guitarists of the fleeting, all-star T.J. Kirk quartet in the mid-90s, Will Bernard’s career since then hadn’t generated the buzz that his former Kirk colleague Charlie Hunter does, but that doesn’t mean he’s been any less productive or creative.

One Track Mind: Hiroe Sekine, "Evidence" (2012)

Over time I’ve found that the genius of the singular compositional style of Thelonious Monk manifests itself better the further away it is played from its original bebop context.

Adam De Lucia’s Tektonics – EP-Deluxe Edition (2012)

Typically featuring a one-man band, EP-Deluxe Edition by the Tektonics was always destined to rise or fall based on the creative stimulus of Adam De Lucia.

Henry Cole and the Afrobeat Collective – Roots Before Branches (2012)

When Henry Cole sought to find a singular style of music that would appeal to the diverse tastes of his local Old St. Juan music scene, his search was over when he discovered the pioneering Afrobeat sounds of Fela Kuti.

New Music Monday: Bill Frisell, Andrew Bird, Bob Margolin, Bowerbirds and … BRUUUUCE!

Amongst the things we’re stoked about this New Music Monday are Bruce Springsteen’s long-awaited Wrecking Ball, of course, but also Andrew Bird and Bill Frisell’s Floratone project

Something Else! Interview: Bass-playing jazz legend Stanley Clarke

A new seven-album retrospective from Legacy focuses on one of Stanley Clarke’s most innovative periods, his solo Epic recordings of the 1970s.

Bill Frisell, Matt Chamberlain, Lee Townsend and Tucker Martine – Floratone II (2012)

Ever since Bill Frisell broke away from his longtime label Nonesuch and signed up with Savoy Jazz a couple of years ago, we have been subjected to wave after wave of Frisell releases.

Ian Tordella – Tragic Comedy (2012)

I might have stated this a time or two before on this space, but the future of jazz as a living, breathing, expanding music form is in the hands of the twenty and thirtysomethings who grew up on Bjork, Radiohead and Oasis