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Something Else! Interview: Jazz guitarist Bill Frisell

We might be tempted to take for granted quietly impactful triumphs like guitarist Bill Frisell’s forthcoming All We Are Saying, an Americana-infused tribute to John Lennon.

Vito Rezza and 5AFTER4 – Rome In A Day (2011)

You might read the artist name and album title and think this is a record of Italian music but, no, not exactly. 5AFTER4 is a rock-jazz outfit out of Toronto

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey – The Race Riot Suite (2011)

The Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is a band that’s clearly relishes keeping people guessing — down to the fictional person in the band name

Something Else! sneak peek: Bill Frisell, "#9 Dream" (2011)

From the first, it seems, guitarist Bill Frisell has sought to synthesize jazz with country and folk themes, and that impulse works to tremendous effect on this deft remake of John Lennon’s “#9 Dream,” from a forthcoming tribute recording

Best of August 2011: Reader picks include Sly Stone, Adrian Belew and Zigaboo Modeliste

Here’s a look back at the Top 10 stories from last month on, based on page views from our readers.

Half Notes: John Escreet – The Age We Live In (2011)

A quick glance at the credits on Britsh ex-pat keyboardist John Escreet’s new album The Age We Live In indicates a knack for bringing together some of today’s most prominent forward thinking New York jazz musicians: David Binney, Wayne Krantz, Marcus Gilmore, Tim Lefebvre, and so on. But listening to the music tells you all you need to know whyRead More

Half Notes: Christian Pabst Trio – Days Of Infinity (2011)

German pianist Christian Pabst is still studying (at the European Jazz Master’s Programme at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam), but his new CD with his longtime trio shows that he’s already learned a lot. Maybe it only seems that way because of the rapport he’s developed over the years with drummer Andreas Klein and bassist David Andres, or maybe because PabstRead More

Derek Sherinian – Oceana (2011)

Derek Sherinian, known for his work both with Black Country Communion and Dream Theater, is a keyboardist. It’s worth repeating, under your breath, as the forthcoming guitar-heavy Oceana spins

Skip Heller – Homegoing (2002)

by Mark Saleski Artists deserving wider recognition. You see this kind of thing all the time in music polls. And do they ever gain wider recognition? Not usually.

Half Notes: Eugene Marlow's Heritage Ensemble – A Fresh Take (2011)

Eugene Marlow’s Heritage Ensemble’s follow-up to last year’s Celebrations CD is also its predecessor. Let me explain. Marlow’s first Heritage Ensemble record, Making The Music Our Own (2006) was Marlow’s first stab at making a record of modern, multicultural takes on old Hebraic (Jewish) music. Since that album was recorded, the personnel has changed and the arrangements evolved. Thus, concludedRead More