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Raoul Björkenheim, Bill Laswell and Morgan Agren – Blixt (2011) WidgetsSounding something like neo-prog meets outjazz, the music of Raoul Bjorkenheim, Bill Laswell and Morgan Agren is just as interesting for what it does as what it doesn’t do.

S. Victor Aaron's Top Albums for 2011, Part 2 of 4: Fusion Jazz

“Fusion jazz” has been harder and harder to classify lately, and that’s a positive development. It means that there’s more artists trying out unique new approaches, mashing together all kinds of music that having been done much or not at all

Half Notes: Axel's Axiom – Uncommon Sense (2011)

The German-born, NYC-based, Berklee honors grad pianist Axel Schwintzer thrives on versatility, and the multi-national makeup of his band reflects that.

Pleased to Meet You!: Our Favorite Indie Acts from 2011

What better time of the year is there for a list like this? After all, discovering each one of these up-and-coming standouts was like finding a Christmas-morning surprise under the tree.

On Second Thought: Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 – Fool On The Hill (1968)

Like a Wayback Machine, certain sights, sounds, smells and tastes transports us to certain times and places in our lives.

Half Notes: Little Worlds – Book One (EP) (2011)

Little Worlds is another one of those oddly configured trios that’s been popping up lately in jazz, but there is nothing gimmicky sounding from this guitar (Ryan Mackstaller), trombone (Rick Parker) and drums (Tim Kuhl) getup. With all three of these musicians being veterans of rock, jazz and whack jazz, Book One is a great combination of all three musicRead More

Half Notes: Planet Z – Planet Z Featuring Susan Aquila (2011)

Sporting a drop dead gorgeous image and a six string violin that resembles a Gibson Flying V, Susan Aquila certainly looks the part, but is her fiddle playing up to snuff? Well, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Kanye West, Metallica and Billy Joel, just to name a few of the acts she’s performed with, seem to think so. ForRead More

Ramsey Lewis, jazz legend: Something Else! Interview

Ramsey Lewis, jazz legend: Something Else! Interview

Ramsey Lewis discusses his signature hit “The ‘In’ Crowd,” and a breakthrough collaborative moment with Earth Wind and Fire.

Le Boeuf Brothers – In Praise Of Shadows (2011)

The Le Boeuf Brothers, like many of the younger jazz musicians today, crave bashing up jazz of their formal training with the Bjork, Radiohead and Sufjan Stevens of their iPod playlists. And as I’ve come to realize, this often has great results. But these identical twins, Romy (reeds) and Pascal (piano, keyboards and occasional vocals) are determined to do evenRead More

Half Notes: Sidony Box – Pink Paradise (2011)

That Sidony Box, a French trio, has chosen to explore jazz rock is anachronistically interesting enough. But they’re doing it without the musical GPS of a bass — something that allows guitarist Manuel Adnot, drummer Arthur Nancy and saxophonist Elie Dalibert to wander around these wide open spaces. What they find is a rugged landscape: Principal composer Adnot (he wroteRead More