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Joey Baron – Tongue In Groove (2004)

by Tom Johnson Drummer Joey Baron’s Barondown, featuring Steve Swell on trombone and Ellery Eskelin on tenor sax comes across like the mischievous little brother to John Zorn’s Masada.

Avishai Cohen – After The Big Rain (2007)

by Mark Saleski Reviewers sometimes get too caught up playing the label game: jazz, pop, world (ah, the ambiguous catch-all label), rock, ambient. Whenever a writer struggles with material that lacks a definite musical anchor, I am reminded of the transformation seen through Miles Davis’ electric years.

Exegesis – The Harmony Of The Anomaly (2011)

Electronic and eclectic, Exegesis represents one of the latest attempts to marry technology to the spirit of jazz.

Jeff Coffin and the Mu'tet – Live! (2011)

Saxophonist and composer Jeff Coffin, a three-time Grammy winner, traverses a fine line on Live!, a record that feels both timeless and fresh. The beauty is that he and his Mu’Tet don’t stumble into the pitfalls of either concept.

Matt Geraghty Project – Departures (2011)

Bassist Matt Geraghty found the perfect name for his new contemporary jazz release, since Departure moves so very far outside of the expectations for labels like “contemporary jazz.”

Gimme Five: Bill Frisell talks John Lennon, Ron Carter … and Madonna?

On this special edition of Something Else! Reviews’ One Track Mind, we hand the reins over to jazz guitarist Bill Frisell, who is set to release a moving tribute album to John Lennon called All We Are Saying later this month.

Something Else! Interview: Jazz guitarist Bill Frisell

We might be tempted to take for granted quietly impactful triumphs like guitarist Bill Frisell’s forthcoming All We Are Saying, an Americana-infused tribute to John Lennon.

Vito Rezza and 5AFTER4 – Rome In A Day (2011)

You might read the artist name and album title and think this is a record of Italian music but, no, not exactly. 5AFTER4 is a rock-jazz outfit out of Toronto

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey – The Race Riot Suite (2011)

The Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is a band that’s clearly relishes keeping people guessing — down to the fictional person in the band name

Something Else! sneak peek: Bill Frisell, "#9 Dream" (2011)

From the first, it seems, guitarist Bill Frisell has sought to synthesize jazz with country and folk themes, and that impulse works to tremendous effect on this deft remake of John Lennon’s “#9 Dream,” from a forthcoming tribute recording