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Nils Petter Molvær – Baboon Moon (2011)

I had come into writing this review thinking I had already reviewed the prior release by pioneering fusion jazz trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær, Hamada (2009), but found that I hadn’t.

Brian Landrus/The Landrus Kaleidoscope – Capsule (2011)

Brian Landrus is one of the fast rising artists on the NYC jazz scene; so much so that it was only in 2009 his debut album Forward came out and now in 2011, we are here talking about his third release of 2011, Capsule.

One Track Mind: Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays, "As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls" (1980)

I’ve listened to the side-long title track of Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays’ As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls, oh, maybe just a couple of times in the last twenty years.

Half Notes: Mozik – Mozik (2011)

A record of Brazilian jazz led by Brazilians and featuring three A.C. Jobim standards invites “been there, done that” responses, but the fresh, updated arrangements that pianist Gilson Schachnik and drummer Maurico Zottarelli apply to these and other well-worn tunes distinguishes Mozik from other such excursions into this style. Both are from Brazil but grew up listening to and preferringRead More

Mikko Innanen and Innkvisitio – Clustrophy (2011)

I know of at least two things people from Finland excel in: cell phones and forward-thinking jazz.

Half Notes: Slivovitz – Bani Ahead (2011)

A dizzying mixture of muscular, electric guitar-driven jazz ensemble playing and these intriguingly angular Balkan textures, this energetic follow up to the Slivovitz septet’s Moonjune Records debut Hubris builds on that success, even as it adds different musical shadings. See, this isn’t your typical chamber-rock; at times, it threatens — as Riccardo Villari begins whirling around on the violin —Read More

Half Notes: Bill Frisell – History, Mystery (2008)

by Tom Johnson I have to be forgiven if I refer to this album as sounding like Frisell “getting back to his roots.” His roots, to me, are not necessarily his original sound but where I picked up with this great guitarist — the era in the early to mid-1990s where he bridged a strange gap between angular jazz andRead More

Geoff Vidal – She Likes That (2011)

The toughest part about writing this review has been trying to decide if I should file it under the jazz category or the fusion jazz category. And whenever that conundrum happens, it’s usually a good sign for the record.

The Bennie Maupin Ensemble – Penumbra (2006)

by Mark Saleski Back in the dark ages (read: before the Internet) I spent a fair amount of time searching out new music by paying very close attention to the listings of my local public and classical radio stations.

Levin Torn White – Levin Torn White (2011)

Yes drummer Alan White, and super-sidemen Tony Levin and David Torn keep very busy in their regular line of work. Recently, all three had a little bit of time off from the regular grind, so what do they do with it?