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Justin Walter – Stars (2012)

Trumpeter Justin Walter sensed that his latest album Stars was destined to be out of the ordinary. “I was very aware from the beginning that this was going to be a strange album,” he acknowledges, “but I also wanted it to be a serious album.”

Half Notes: Sean Noonan Brewed by Noon – Boxing Dreams (2008)

I love a good musical crossover. By that I don’t mean when a country star has a pop hit. No, what I’m talking about is a tune that is taken completely out of context by being covered in a different genre. One of my favorite records is called Brand New Second Hand, a collection of pop tunes that have beenRead More

Pete Robbins Transatlantic Quartet – Live In Basel (2012)

Both Pete Robbins’ band and music represents reaching across from one space to another. The aptly named Transatlantic Quartet consists of musicians on either side of the “pond,” starting with the Massachusetts saxophonist Robbins

Jeff Lorber Fusion – Galaxy (2012)

Keyboardist, composer, producer, arranger and bandleader Jeff Lorber has been propagating fusion jazz for so long, the term “Jeff Lorber Fusion” seems almost redundant.

New Music Monday: Jumping jazz from Jack DeJohnette and Wadada Leo Smith

Here’s a run down — with a few of our thoughts — on some notable music projects, both new and reissue, slated for release for the week of Jan. 16, 2012.

Remembering Michael Brecker, five years later

Hard to wrap my mind around the fact that as of yesterday, Michael Brecker has been dead for five years, now.

Gimme Five: Underrated examples of when jazz guys got funky

A look at five jazz albums with grooves in the pocket — even if they weren’t much in the press.

New Music Monday: Cool rocking reissues include Bo Diddley, Billy Joel, Dave Brubeck

Here’s a run down — with a few of our thoughts — on some notable music projects, both new and reissue, slated for release during the week of Jan. 9, 2012.

The Bad Plus – These Are The Vistas (2003)

The surface comparisons were nearly impossible to ignore and, I have to admit, I immediately associated the Bad Plus to Medeski Martin and Wood.

Daniel Bennett Group – Peace and Stability Among Bears (2011)

Daniel Bennett is a saxophone, clarinet and flute player in Manhattan, but he’s not like any jazz horn player out of NYC. And the reason for that is because what he plays is just as much not jazz as it is jazz. Blending in heaping helpings of folk and some world fusion, Bennett leads a quartet that plays music muchRead More