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Dash Rip Rock – Black Liquor (2012)

[youtube] If you grew up a fan of live music in or around Louisiana in the late 1980s or early 1990s, you knew, without a doubt, that Dash Rip Rock was going to be huge one day.

Something Else! sneak peek: Soilwork, “Spectrum of Eternity” (2013)

[youtube] I don’t always listen to Swedish melodic death metal, but when I do, I listen to Soilwork. And this is why.

Newsted – Metal (2013)

[youtube] Since leaving Metallica, Jason Newsted’s record hasn’t exactly backed up statements that he was into heavier music and how things might have changed during the dark period of Load and Re-Load if the bassist had more input.

Philip H. Anselmo/Warbeast – War of the Gargantuas split (2013)

[youtube] Long rumored and long awaited, this split EP from Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records gives fans the first taste of the former Pantera and current Down frontman’s upcoming solo work.

Adler – Back from the Dead (2012)

[youtube] Drummer Steven Adler has built a fair bit of legend in hard rock circles, but for all the wrong reasons. Adler, you may recall, was the guy who was kicked out of Guns n’ Roses because of his drug problem. That takes some real effort.

T&N – Slave to the Empire (2012)

[youtube] What do you get when you mix the three original members of Dokken who were not named Don Dokken with drummer Brian Tichy and guest shots from a few of the best singers in the hard rock realm? A surprisingly solid and vibrant record.

Best of the Best: The Official™ Something Else! Top 10 for 2012

Best of the Best: The Official™ Something Else! Top 10 for 2012

[youtube] We’ve each already had our say, individually. Said our piece. Then came time to meet over the remnants of the egg nog and hammer out a consensus — before we go over the disc-al cliff into 2013.

Gimme Five: Our Christmas favorites include Nat King Cole, Vince Guaraldi … and Henry Rollins?!?

[youtube] There are as many Christmas music traditions as there are stockings hung with with care. For some, the process of awaiting ole St. Nick requires a classic soundtrack, filled with old favorites. For others, something newer makes sense.

Something Else! sneak peek: Jason Newsted, “Soldierhead” (2013)

[youtube] A few weeks ago former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, who has been fairly quiet since his departure from Voivod, suddenly popped up with a new website and some teasers to new music coming.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Dreams of Fireflies [On a Christmas Night] (2012)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Dreams of Fireflies [On a Christmas Night] (2012)

[youtube] I’ve had a little trouble getting in the holiday spirit this year, so despite the fact a new Trans-Siberian Orchestra EP has been out since early November, I’m just now starting to dig into it.