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Tired of “Stairway to Heaven”? Other recommended moments from upcoming Led Zeppelin reissues

Tired of “Stairway to Heaven”? Other recommended moments from upcoming Led Zeppelin reissues

Forget the reunion so many had hoped for when the surviving members of Led Zeppelin held a news conference recently. Turns out it was only to promote a new concert film. But, wait, there’s more

Crazy Lixx – Riot Avenue (2012)

Crazy Lixx – Riot Avenue (2012)

Maybe it’s a longing for simpler, better times, but I’ve found myself listening to a lot of 1980s-influenced hard rock lately, both comebacks from bands of the era and newer acts that play the style.

Desert Island Discs: 1980s R&B and Hip Hop Edition

Desert Island Discs: 1980s R&B and Hip Hop Edition

We’ve finally answered an age-old question from the decade, as our intrepid panel of shipwrecked music lovers definitively chose Prince over Michael Jackson — not to mention Stevie Wonder, Public Enemy, Rick James and Run-DMC

Desert Island Discs: Beatles Cover Tune Edition

Whether you like the Beatles or not, their music can certainly take you to some interesting places — as reflected in our latest edition of Desert Island Discs.

Dio – The Very Beast of Dio, Vol. 2 (2012)

The Very Beast of Dio Vol. 2 picks up where the first volume left off in Dio’s solo career and features tracks from 1996 onward. It’s an interesting period for me

Chris Knight – Little Victories (2012)

Chris Knight actually does what most of the Nashville songwriters think they’re doing. He connects with country’s perceived blue-collar audience. But real connection doesn’t come through lyrics about pickup trucks and dirt roads. It comes through truth

Jackyl – Best in Show (2012)

The output from these Kennesaw, Ga.-based rockers has often been uneven since their 1992 debut, but when they hit their stride, it’s great fun. They hit it hard on Best in Show, possibly the best record they’ve put out since their 1994 sophomore outing, Push Comes to Shove.

Desert Island Discs: Box Set Edition

Given a chance to stuff five box sets into our baggage before that fateful trip, our panel of intrepid travelers has selected the Beatles and Miles Davis as must-have items. But not by much.

Desert Island Discs: Greatest Hits Edition

For some bands, it’s all about the albums. For others, though, it’s all about the songs — and you’ll need a handful of best-of sets, too, for your fateful trip to this isolated desert isle.

Movies: Ozzy Osbourne – Speak of the Devil (2012)

First off, the name of this DVD might be a little confusing. Though recorded on the same 1982 tour, this is not the visual companion to Ozzy’s album of the same name.