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Tom Abbs and Frequency Response – Hawthorne (2018)

Tom Abbs and Frequency Response – Hawthorne (2018)

The fourth Frequency Response release from Tom Abbs could well be his last for a long time; the man’s got things to do. If that’s the case, it’s all the more reason to savor ‘Hawthorne.’

Spencer Friedman and Paul de Jong – Functions (EP, 2018)

Spencer Friedman and Paul de Jong – Functions (EP, 2018)

It’s that opaque fickleness juiced by prowess on their instruments that makes Spencer Friedman and Paul de Jong’s ‘Functions’ both so different and yet so compelling.

Help to get jazz percussion legend Warren Smith’s residency recordings released

Help jazz percussion great Warren Smith get some memorable material from a recent residency at NYC’s The Stone club released and keep his legacy intact.

Harrison Bankhead Quartet – Velvet Blue (2013)

One of the most self-effacing musicians of Chicago’s AACM scene paradoxically creates some of its boldest music, and bassist Harrison Bankhead’s second album confirms that Morning Sun Harvest Moon was no one-off fluke.

Triptet – Figure In The Carpet (2012)

[youtube] The Seattle-based trio Triptet calls themselves “a meeting of minds and spontaneous electrical impulses between Michael Monhart (saxophones and percussion), Tom Baker (fretless guitar and effects), and Greg Campbell (percussion, french horn and cheap electronics).” I call them, simply, a trip.

Sylvain Leroux – Quatuor Créole (featuring Karl Berger) (2012)

[youtube] If you don’t know anything else about the Montreal-born flautist Sylvain LeRoux and his music, just two things are instructive: he has a passion for Thelonious Monk and a passion for West African music.

Mandingo Ambassadors – Tougna (2012)

Since around the 13th century, the Kouyaté family has upheld a proud tradition as oral historians and folk virtuosic musicians, or griots, serving ancient kings who once ruled over West Africa.

Kidd Jordan – On Fire (2011)

An astonishing thing to witness when viewing Fred Anderson’s live performance on DVD, 21st Century Chase, was the sight of a guy celebrating his 80th birthday splaying notes from his saxophone with abandon, power and purpose. And then, when he finished his solo, witnessing a dude only six years his junior doing the same.

Brian Settles/Central Union – Secret Handshake (2011)

There’s something odd I noticed about this record from the opening moments: there’s a piano on it. Why is that so bizarre you ask?

Many Arms – Missing Time (2010)

Many Arms – Missing Time (2010)

photo from by S. Victor Aaron One of Frank Zappa’s latter day live documents is called Make A Jazz Noise Here. Anyone who’s followed Zappa knows that while Zappa rarely really played jazz as we tend to think of jazz, a lot of his music adopted the exacting, open-ended construction of jazz, especially avant-garde jazz. When you peel awayRead More