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Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York – Fukushima (2017)

Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York – Fukushima (2017)

feature photo: Bryan Murray Now boasting a remarkable ten albums over twenty years, Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York today takes another step forward with Fukushima (Libra Records), the first new recordings from Satoko Fujii’s American large ensemble project since 2014’s Shiki. The best big band leaders know how to exploit a large ensemble akin to a single, giant instrument, withRead More

Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York – Shiki (2014)

This doesn’t often sound like big band music, as Fujii draws from every impulse at her disposal.

Ben Goldberg – Unfold Ordinary Mind (2013)

In 2008, clarinetist Ben Goldberg assembled a conventional ensemble to record music with unconventional underpinnings. In 2012, Goldberg again assembled an ensemble to record music with unconventional underpinnings, but this time, the structure of the group for these later sessions is unconventional to match.

Devin Gray – Dirigo Rataplan (2012)

Some artists begin their recording career as a leader rather tepidly, playing it safe with stable, derivative styles and often performing other people’s songs before stretching out, taking chances and establishing their own identities on later records.

Satoko Fujii – ETO, Watershed and Rafale (2011)

Our favorite avant gardist from Japan Satoko Fujii is at it again, releasing at once a new batch of records of distinct character.

One Track Mind: Ellery Eskelin/Andrea Parkins/Jim Black "43 RPM" (2003)

by S. Victor Aaron Jazz trios that push the envelope are a lot of fun to listen to. With only two other players to be accountable for, each member gets to take more chances than they might be able to get away with in a larger setting. And when it’s an unconventional getup, like say, a sax, drums and accordion,Read More