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Desert Island Discs: Greatest Hits Edition

For some bands, it’s all about the albums. For others, though, it’s all about the songs — and you’ll need a handful of best-of sets, too, for your fateful trip to this isolated desert isle.

Desert Island Discs: 1990s Rock and Pop Edition

Though the 1990s are generally associated with the shooting-star grunge movement, our desert island is apparently going to have precious few albums from the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.

Best of June 2012: Reader picks include Rush, Little Feat, Norah Jones, John Wetton and Asia

How’s this for all over the map?: Our readers pushed Rush, Michael Jackson, Norah Jones and Little Feat into the monthly Top 10 for June 2012. Dude, that map is in tatters.

On Second Thought: Michael Jackson – This Is It (2009)

In the genre of concert films, This Is It is an anomaly. Most others document a particular live performance or composite performances from a tour.

Best of May 2012: Reader picks include King Crimson, Squackett, Styx – but no Beatles

Progressive music simply dominated the Top 10 for May 2012, as readers celebrated new music (and interviews!) from Squackett, UK, Asia and Spectrum Road.

Something Else! Interview: Neal Doughty, of REO Speedwagon

REO Speedwagon is gearing up for a new round of dates as part of the ongoing Midwest Rock ‘N’ Roll Express tour, and founding keyboardist Neal Doughty couldn’t be happier.

James “JY” Young, co-founder of Styx: Something Else! Interview

“I’ll be darn,” guitarist James “JY” Young says with a chuckle when told that Styx garnered praise recently from Rolling Stone

Lionel Richie: Something Else! Featured Artist

Lionel Richie: Something Else! Featured Artist

We dug back into some of Lionel Richie’s greatest moments – as a solo artist, with the Commodores and even with another, harder-edged duet partner.

WHO ARE THESE GUYS?: When opening acts simply don't work out

There are moments when it all comes together on one concert bill, when the opening act works seamlessly to get the crowd ready for the headliner. Then, there are the other times. These times.

Chris Welch, Eric Clapton biographer: Something Else! Interview

Chris Welch, Eric Clapton biographer: Something Else! Interview

Donald Gibson caught up with Eric Clapton biographer and friend Chris Welch for a Something Else! Sitdown.