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'People tend to be very skeptical': Dhani discusses following in George Harrison's career footsteps

Dhani Harrison, in an interview with Neil McCormick of the Telegraph, laments the pressure put on children of famous musicians — openly wondering why artists in other professions like acting get a pass.

Download: thenewno2, "Make It Home" (2012)

“Make It Home,” the electronica-drenched lead track from thenewno2’s forthcoming full-length thefearofmissingout, finds George Harrison’s son doing things both expected and completely, very-neatly unexpected.

James McCartney on the idea of Beatles 2, featuring fellow Fab Four offspring: 'I'd be up for it'

Ready for Beatlemania, one time removed? James McCartney, aspiring rocker son of one Paul McCartney, says he is.

Ringo Starr won’t be part of a Beatles reunion involving children of George Harrison and John Lennon

For some time, there’s been a rumor floating around of a possible reformulation of the Beatles, with surviving members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr being joined by Dhani Harrison and Julian Lennon

Listen to a newly discovered alternate guitar solo by George Harrison on the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun"

A new video has emerged that traces the development of George Harrison’s seminal ballad “Here Comes the Sun,” and it features a never-before-heard guitar solo.