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Devin Gray – ‘Dirigo Rataplan II’ (2018)

Devin Gray – ‘Dirigo Rataplan II’ (2018)

The big accomplishment of the first ‘Dirigo Rataplan’ was in Devin Gray’s insight in conceptualizing ways to get the most out of his fellow musicians and himself. That’s the same kind of brilliance found on ‘Dirigo Rataplan II.’

S. Victor Aaron’s Top Albums for 2012, Part 3 of 4: Whack Jazz

<<< Part Two, Mainstream and Modern Jazz ||| Part 4, Fusion Jazz >>> In continuing with a long-held tradition, I’ve parsed out the jazz that goes avant-garde from the more conventional stuff.

Devin Gray – Dirigo Rataplan (2012)

Some artists begin their recording career as a leader rather tepidly, playing it safe with stable, derivative styles and often performing other people’s songs before stretching out, taking chances and establishing their own identities on later records.